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Additional Studies on Emerging Technologies

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Blockchain Proofs of Concept

BTID developed and completed blockchain proofs of concept (POC) with trade partners serving on the COAC. These were short assessments to demonstrate feasibility. At the completion of each POC, CBP completed a 360-degree assessment to evaluate four primary areas: legal, policy, technical, and operational. Detailed information on BTID’s completed POCs is available in the sections below.

  • In September 2018, CBP conducted the North American Free Trade Agreement/Central America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA/CAFTA) POC, which tested the application of blockchain technology for the entry summary submission process for NAFTA/CAFTA entries. View the complete assessment and report of the NAFTA/CAFTA POC for more information.

    The assessment of the technology found that use of blockchain achieved almost instantaneous communications between CBP and trade, improved documentation of receipt, and expedited processing for CBP. Other benefits included:

    • Easier access to back-up documentation when required
    • Easier access to importer and more direct communication
    • Enhanced targeting
    • Full data (country of origin, entity data, etc.) received with initial submission of entry summary
    • Potential issues captured early on
    • Eliminated manual documentation requirements and duplicative data entry
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  • In September 2019, CBP conducted the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) POC, which tested blockchain technology that facilitates shipments based on known relationships between licensors and licensees. View the complete assessment and report of the IPR POC for more information. Benefits from the POC included:

    • Tracking entities that owned the license with ease (importer, retailer, manufacturer)
    • Reduced data for identification of license holder
    • The ability for license holders to verify the legitimacy of licensee
    • Potential for facilitation benefits for importations that have legitimate licensing
    • Greater supply chain visibility
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  • Last Modified: May 23, 2023