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Informed Compliance Publications

CBP has a number of Informed Compliance Publications (ICPs) in the "What Every Member of the Trade Community Should Know About: ..." series. As of the date of this posting, the subjects listed are available for reading or downloading. The first date shown is the original publication date. The subsequent dates, if any, show the revisions.

Additionally, CBP publishes several Directives and Handbooks, which provide guidance to the public on a variety of trade-related matters.   

Available ICP downloads:

ABC's of Prior Disclosure

African Growth and Opportunity Act AGOA

Agglomerated Stone

Agricultural Actual Use Provisions

Articles of Wax, Artificial Stone and Jewelry

Ball Bearings

Base Metal Mountings and Fittings

Basic Forms of Non-Ferrous Metals

Beauty and Skin Care Products of Heading 3304

Bona Fide Sales & Sales for Exportation to the United States

Button, Snap Fasteners, Slide Fasteners and Similar Articles

Buying & Selling Commissions

Cane and Beet Sugar (Quota, Classification & Entry)


CBP Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

Classification: Apparel Terminology under the HTSUS

Classification and Entry Requirements of Alcoholic Beverages and Spirits

Classification of Children's Apparel

Classification of Coated and Water Resistant Apparel

Classification and Quota Status of Raw Cotton

Classification of Cooking Ranges, Stoves and Ovens

Classification of Flat Panel Displays

Classification of Hats and Other Headgear under HTSUS Heading 6505

Classification of Knit to Shape Apparel Garments under HTSUS Heading 6110

Classification of Molds and Their Parts

Classification and Marking of Pipe Fittings under Heading 7307

Classification of Ribbons & Trimmings

Classification of Sets

Classification of Textile Costumes

Classification of Tires

Classification and Marking of Watches and Clocks

Coastwise Trade: Merchandise

Coated Non-alloy Flat-Rolled Steel


Colored Bubble Glass (and Other Special Types of Glassware)

Country of Origin of Knit to Shape Apparel Products

Customs Administrative Enforcement Process: Fines, Penalties, Forfeitures and Liquidated Damages

Customs Brokers

Customs Value

Customs Valuation Encyclopedia (1980 - 2015)

Cutlery of Headings 8211 Through 8215 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States

Decals, Decorative Stickers and Window Clings

Decorative Glassware

Determining the Acceptability of Transaction Value for Related Party Transactions

Diodes, Transistors & Similar Semiconductor Devices

Distinguishing Bolts from Screws



Eyewear Frames and Eyewear

Fasteners of Heading 7318

Fiber Trade Names & Generic Terms

Fibers & Yarns Construction and Classification Under the HTSUS


Foreign Assembly of U.S. Components


Gloves, Mittens & Mitts, Not Knitted or Crocheted, Under the HTSUS


Hand Tool Sets Classified Within Subheadings 8205.90.00 and 8206.00.00

Household Articles of Base Metal

Importation of Commercial Samples

Instruments of International Traffic

Internal Combustion Piston Engines

Locks of Base Metal

Machine Tools

Marking Requirements for Wearing Apparel

Mitigation Guidelines: Fines, Penalties, Forfeitures and Liquidated Damages


New Decisions on Candle Holders v. Decorative Glass Articles

NAFTA Country of Origin Rules for Monumental & Building Stone

NAFTA Eligibility and Building Stone

NAFTA for Textiles & Textile Articles

Passenger Vessel Services Act

Peanuts and their Classification under the HTSUS

Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and Electronic Organizers

Proper Deductions for Freight & Other Costs

Reasonable Care


Rules of Origin

Soldering and Welding Machines and Apparatus

Stranded Wire, Rope and Cable of Iron or Steel

Table and Kitchen Glassware

Tableware, Kitchenware, Other Household Articles and toilet Articles of Plastics

Tariff Classification

Terminology and Methods for Marking of Country of Origin on U.S. Imports

Textile & Apparel Rules of Origin

Tractors of Heading 8701 vs. Heavy Industrial Machinery of Headings 8429 and 8430

Turbojets, Turbopropellers and Other Gas Turbines, and Parts Thereof of Heading 8411

U.S. Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Rulings Program

Vehicles, Parts and Accessories

Vending Machines and Parts Thereof

Wadding, Gauze, Bandages and Similar Articles of Heading 3005

Waste & Scrap as it Relates to Base Metals of Chapter 81

Works of Art, Collector's Pieces, Antiques, and Other Cultural Property

Writing Instruments of Heading 9609

Last published: 
August 29, 2016