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Preclearance Locations

Preclearance Overview

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) air Preclearance operations is the strategic stationing of CBP law enforcement personnel overseas to inspect travelers prior to boarding U.S.-bound flights. Through Preclearance, CBP Officers conduct the same immigration, customs, and agriculture inspections of international air travelers typically performed upon arrival in the United States before departure from foreign airports.

Today, CBP has more than 600 law enforcement officers and agriculture specialists stationed at 15 air Preclearance locations in 6 countries: Dublin and Shannon in Ireland; Aruba; Freeport and Nassau in The Bahamas; Bermuda; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; and Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Winnipeg in Canada. CBP also staffs a Pre-inspection facility for passenger/vehicle ferry traffic to the U.S. in Victoria, Canada.

In Fiscal Year 2016, CBP personnel stationed abroad precleared 18 million travelers, representing over 15 percent of all commercial air travelers to the United States.

Preclearance Benefits
DHS firmly believes that establishing Preclearance operations in strategic locations will assist our efforts in identifying terrorists, criminals, and other national security threats prior to their boarding an aircraft bound for the United States, and is a critical step in DHS’s continued efforts to enhance national security and facilitate growing international travel and commerce.

The aviation security benefits of Preclearance are substantial because a uniformed, U.S. law enforcement officer interviews the precleared passenger before he or she boards the plane. This added security layer provides an additional opportunity to detect and stop threats as early in the process as possible.

In addition to enhancing security, Preclearance has the potential to increase capacity and create growth opportunities for airports and air carriers in the United States and abroad, while improving the passenger experience. Preclearance generates the potential for significant economic benefits for the United States and our international partners by facilitating travel through all gateways, creating an overall increase in clearance capacity, and maximizing aircraft and gate utilization. For travelers, Preclearance leads to faster connections and the ability to exit the airport immediately upon landing the United States.

Preclearance Expansion
Building upon the success of existing Preclearance operations, CBP intends to expand the program to new locations. DHS prioritization for expansion includes technical site visits to interested airports, during which each airport is carefully evaluated based on the current and future capacity to host CBP Preclearance operations and aviation security screening meeting TSA standards, as well as an analysis of the potential facilitation and homeland security benefits. CBP is currently negotiating with several countries interested in establishing Preclearance operations, and recently concluded agreements to cover Stockholm, Sweden (signed November 4, 2016) and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (signed December 1, 2016).

CBP Headquarters

Director Field Operations
1300 Pennsylvania Ave - 1717 H St. Floor 6
CB-15 Mail Stop 1300
Washington, DC 20229

Questions/Customer Service
For general CBP inquiries, please call the CBP INFO Center Monday-Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 4 p.m. Eastern Time.
General Inquiries: 1-877-CBP-5511
International Callers: (202) 325-8000


Preclearance Sites and contact information
Port Name Address Phone Number
Calgary Preclearance
Calgary International Airport
P.O. Box 155
2000 Airport Road, Northeast
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2E 6W5 
(403) 221-1641

Edmonton Preclearance
Edmonton International Airport

2312, 1000 Airport Road

Edmonton, Alberta T9E 0V3

(780) 890-4515

Halifax Preclearance
Halifax Robert L. Stanfield International Airport Level 2

1 Bell Boulevard
Enfield, Nova Scotia, Canada B2T 1K2

(902) 873-7780
Montreal Preclearance
Montreal Trudeau International Airport

975 Romeo Vachon Boulevard, North
Room TT 2.400
Dorval, Quebec, Canada H4Y 1H1

(514) 636-3875
Ottawa Preclearance
Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier International Airport
1000 Airport Road, Private
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1V 9B4
(613) 523-8120

Toronto Preclearance
Lester B. Pearson International Airport

P.O. Box 115
Toronto AMF
Toronto, Ontario, Canada L5P 1A2
(905) 676-2606

Vancouver Preclearance
Vancouver International Airport
International Terminal - Level 3

3161 Grant McConachie Way Richmond, BC V7B 0A4 (604) 278-7422
Victoria Preclearance

2701 Alaskan Way Pier 69 Clipper Direct Group 1
Seattle, Washington 98121

(250) 384-1821

Winnipeg Preclearance
Winnipeg International Airport

2311-1970 Wellington Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3H 0E3

(204) 783-2206
Preclearance sites and contact information
Port Name Address Phone Number

Bahamas - Freeport Preclearance
U.S. Customs & Border Protection

P.O. Box 22400
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33335
(242) 352-7256
Bahamas - Nassau Preclearance
U.S. Customs & Border Protection
3370 Nassau Place
Washington, D.C. 20521-3370
(242) 377-7125
Bermuda Preclearance
U.S. Customs & Border Protection
L.F. Wade International Airport
3 Cahow Way
St. George, Bermuda GE CX
(441) 293-0353
Aruba Preclearance
P.O. Box 520068
Miami, Florida 33152

011 297-588-7240

Preclearance sites and contact information
Port Name Address Phone Number

Shannon Airport
U.S. Customs & Border Protection

Shannon, County Clare, Ireland 011 353-6147-2297

Dublin Airport
U.S. Customs & Border Protection

Terminal 2, Pier E
Dublin, Ireland
011 353-1248-0300
United Arab Emirates
PreClearance sites and contact information
Port Name Address Phone Number

Abu Dhabi International Airport
U.S. Customs & Border Protection

P.O. Box 131608
Abu Dhabi, UAE
011 971-2-575-9005
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June 22, 2017