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Veteran Support Program

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Nearly one-third of CBP’s workforce are veterans, therefore CBP considers veteran issues, CBP issues. This significant veteran workforce is invaluable to our agency, bringing a unique skillset, knowledge base and sense of camaraderie to our mission.

The Veteran Support Program (VSP) supports the unique needs of veterans, current Reservists and National Guardsmen and their families’ members. VSP connects them to the help and benefits afforded to them by the Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) because of their status as a federal government employee and their service and sacrifice to our nation.

VSP assists with a variety of veteran-related matters pertaining to veteran employment benefits, as well as the mental, physical, and emotional health resources available through CBP and other federal, state, and local entities, such as:

  • “Buying back” military service time;
  • Disability claims;
  • Counseling support;
  • Education benefits;
  • Submitting a PACT Act claim;
  • Survivor and dependent benefits and services and,
  • Any of the myriad of VA claims and benefits forms.

How VSP Works

VSP offers workplace support, communication, and guidance to all CBP veterans, current service members and their families through a network of Field Coordinators (FC) and Veteran Support Members (VSM). 

Veteran FCs are the boots on the ground, managing local programs and providing guidance on available resources and benefits to the local CBP veteran community. VSMs assist local FCs and veterans, helping to build connections and share information.

For more information or to connect with the VSP, email

Veterans Health Administration

Enrollment in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) can provide either total or gap healthcare coverage to qualifying veterans. Eligible CBP veterans are encouraged to enroll with the VHA system prior to using VA resources coordinated by VSP to avoid any delay in services rendered by the VA. 

To assess if you qualify for this coverage, please visit the Veterans Community Care Program Eligibility Questionnaire and click “Start Questionnaire”.

For more information or to connect with the VSP, email

Relevant Veteran Statistics*

  • There are approximately 20 million veterans in the United States.
  • On average, 20-22 a day die from suicide, while 30% - 40% disclose they have considered suicide.
  • 8% have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • About 50% of those diagnosed with PTSD don't seek treatment.
  • For those with PTSD, the likelihood of alcohol or prescription drug abuse, domestic violence, clinical depression, or weapons-related offenses increases by 3 to 5 times.
  • 78% admit to being unaware of their VA benefits.
  • There are over 500 forms in the VA archive.
  • Veterans receiving Veteran health Administration care between 2005 and 2016 experienced a decreased suicide rate.

*Source statistics:, and

CBP Veteran Spotlight


Video Description: Veterans account for over one-quarter of CBP’s workforce. And so on Veterans Day 2022, and every day, CBP extends its thanks to those veterans and their families, who served their country in the military and still serve the agency today.

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Last Modified: Aug 10, 2023
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