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Biometric Partners

Thanks to our industry partners for making Biometric Facial Comparison a reality.

CBP is using biometrics to create a better, safer world. It is a job of great significance. But we can’t do it alone. Which is why we have built strong relationships with our travel industry and technology partners across the country. And, why we always seek opportunities to forge new relationships.

Through these close collaborations, Biometric Facial Comparison technology is successfully providing a more secure travel experience across air and sea for international travelers. For partners, using biometric technologies advances their operations, so they can improve the guest experience and boost customer satisfaction. For CBP, using biometrics allows us to shift the focus of our Officers from administrative functions to core law enforcement duties, improving our ability to deter, detect, and prevent threats to our nation. Doing so also means that CBP is meeting requirements from the 9/11 Commission and subsequent Congressional mandates.

Think your organization would like to become one of our esteemed partners? Request information or become a partner.

Last Modified: Jul 14, 2023