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The Office of Congressional Affairs (OCA) serves as the single point of contact within CBP for all communications between CBP and Congress. OCA’s role is critical in maintaining an effective relationship between CBP and Congress by monitoring areas of special or urgent Congressional interest. We collaborate with the Hill on legislation, casework, and inquiries spanning the broad scope of CBP operations. OCA maintains a comprehensive knowledge of all agency and Congressional programs and activities.

OCA is committed to addressing all questions and concerns related to CBP’s complex mission. We are responsible for the accurate and transparent articulation of CBP's message and activities. We respond to requests from members of Congress for information, including reports, meetings, hearings, and tours. We coordinate all activities and supporting documents for Congressional hearings and prepare witnesses to testify before Congress. OCA coordinates visits to CBP facilities by Congressional delegations (CODELS) and their staff delegations (STAFFDELS), and coordinate and host Congressional Staffer Academy (CSA) sessions.


Office of Congressional Affairs Organizational Chart


OCA Leadership

Stephanie Talton, Deputy Assistant Commissioner


OCA Directorates, Directors, and Committees of Jurisdiction:

Border, Air & Marine Operations - Timothy Goobic

Budget & Appropriations - Hope Hunter (Acting)

Management and Communications - Robert "Ben" Andrews (Chief of Staff)

Operations Support / Enterprise Services - Dane Norman

 Trade and Field Operations - Patrick Schmidt 


Congressional Staff Resources

The Office of Congressional Affairs is committed to keeping Congress informed about CBP’s complex policies, programs, and operations. To assist in that endeavor, we have created a unique set of links to assist Congressional staff in learning about CBP and researching CBP issues.


Congressional Staffer Academy

In an average year, OCA hosts two Congressional Staffer Academy sessions to help Congressional staff learn about CBP's complex mission.

Last modified: 
August 24, 2021