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CBP Access

CBP Access is an electronic newspage developed by the Office of Congressional Affairs for Members of Congress and staff. If you are interested in subscribing to the CBP Access email distribution list, please send an email to

September 2022  | Biometrics 
DHS – and by extension, CBP – is statutorily mandated to develop and implement an integrated, automated entry and exit data system to match records, including biographic data and biometrics, of noncitizens entering and departing the United States. This CBP Access update highlights CBP’s latest biometric technology enhancements and processes that increase border security, protect the privacy of travelers, and integrate with current travel infrastructure.

August 2022  | Trade Facilitation, Cargo Security 
July and August were hallmark months for CBP’s trade facilitation and enforcement mission starting with the agency’s first CBP Trade Facilitation and Cargo Security Summit in Anaheim, California. With more than 3,000 attendees from across the trade community – 1,000 on-site and 2,000 virtually – it was the first time since the pandemic that CBP was able to hold a trade event of this magnitude.

July 2022  | Operational Update 
CBP is committed to being a leader in law enforcement accountability and transparency. As part of its ongoing efforts to improve data transparency and access, CBP’s July 2022 operational update coincided with the reorganization of the Stats and Summaries webpage and launch of the CBP Public Data Portal

June 2022  |  Ian Saunders, Intended U.S. Nominee for WCO Secretary General 
Following CBP's announcement of its intent to nominate Deputy Assistant Secretary Ian Saunders for World Customs Organization (WCO) Secretary General, this CBP Access update provides a primer on the WCO and how CBP is leading enforcement and facilitation efforts in the global customs community.

May 2022  |  Summer Travel Season Tips
In preparation for the approaching summer travel season, this CBP Access update shares the latest international travel guidance as well as helpful tips to minimize delays and improve the cross-border travel experience. 

April 2022  | Commissioner Spotlight
From his first day as CBP’s Commissioner, Chris Magnus has been focused on building relationships and strengthening support for CBP’s mission, activities, and its dedicated workforce.  With a long, personal history of law enforcement, public service, and leadership, Commissioner Magnus deeply understands the value of people and partnerships.  

March 2022  |  Rescue Operations
The human smuggling business is all about profit. Human smugglers or “coyotes,” who promise people that they will safely guide them to a destination, often abandon their human cargo at some point, leaving them to fend for themselves and continue their illegal and dangerous journey with insufficient supplies and information. 

February 2022  |  Super Bowl LVI, Agriculture Inspections
CBP may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about high-profile events like the Super Bowl or traditional holidays like Valentine's Day, but this past month, CBP played a central — albeit behind-the-scenes — role in both events, working hard to protect the American public and keep American industry and business thriving. 

January 2022  |  Operational Update
CBP’s broad and complex mission is not only vital to the security and safety of our country, but also integral to the recovery and growth of our economy.  On January 3, 2022, CBP released agency statistics for Fiscal Year 2021 covering all major areas of operations, including international travel and trade, forced labor enforcement, drug seizures, and national border encounter statistics. 

December 2021  |  E-Commerce
Counterfeit goods pose real dangers to consumer health and safety and jeopardize the U.S. economy by eroding the competitiveness of U.S. manufacturers and workers. In Fiscal Year 2020, CBP personnel nationwide seized 26,503 shipments containing counterfeit goods estimated to be worth nearly $1.3 billion had they been genuine. 

November 2021  |  Land Port of Entry Operations
CBP operations at the nation’s land ports of entry are critical to ensure safe and efficient travel across our borders.  Before the COVID-19 global pandemic, CBP officers would process nearly a million travelers every day. As international travel begins to return to normal levels, CBP is prepared to welcome and facilitate travelers, while maintaining the highest standards of security. 

October 2021  |  Trade Update
CBP's trade mission is not only a critical component of national security, it is a significant driving force of the country’s economic prosperity. CBP processes more than $2.3 trillion of imports every year, generating billions of dollars of critical government revenue. CBP is committed to its complex dual role while enforcing nearly 500 U.S. trade laws and regulations on behalf of 49 different partner government agencies. 

Last Modified: Jun 12, 2023