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Drawback ACE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I am a first time drawback filer. How do I file my drawback claim in ACE?

Please go to the following links for more information: ACE Drawback Webinar 2017 & First Time Filers 

How will Certificates of Manufacture (CM) for drawback be dealt with in ACE?

In ACE, CMs are no longer required for drawback transmissions.  

Can I still access ACS drawback filing now that ACE drawback functionality is fully deployed?

No, all drawback functionality has been turned off in ACS. ACE is now the official system of record and is the sole system for filing drawback claims. 

Since ACE uses the Document Image System (DIS), will filers still need to provide Zip files on CDs for their drawback claims submissions?

No, filers will no longer need to provide zip files on CDs. All supporting documents for drawback claims should be uploaded to ACE through DIS. 

Were the open ACS drawback claims that were submitted shortly before the cutoff period migrated to ACE?

Yes, all historic records from ASC were transferred and are available in ACE. 

Is the ACE Certification (CERT) environment available for testing in Drawback?

Please contact your client representative for more information.  

How will CBP be handling duty drawback privileges, such as Accelerated Payment (AP) waivers, prior notice, etc., in ACE?

The procedure for handling duty drawback privileges will remain unchanged.  A paper request must still be submitted to one of the drawback offices via e-mail or to the office's e-mail inbox. If your drawback privileges were not transferred into ACE, please contact your drawback specialist. Please go to the following link for drawback office information: Drawback Office Locations

Will filers be notified after submitting documents to the Document Image System (DIS) for our drawback claims?

Yes, DIS works the same way for drawback as it does in general for other aspects of ACE. This means that all required documents should be submitted within a 24 hour timeframe (required documents) and upon submission, the filer will  receive a ‘received’,‘not received’ or ‘failed validation’ status. Please see CSMS Message 56208 for more information regarding required documents for DIS uploads for drawback.  

Previously, ACS allowed filers to upload documents via e-mail instead of using Document Image System (DIS). Do ACE drawback claims have an option to upload documents via e-mail instead of DIS?

No, filers will be required to use DIS to submit supporting documents for their drawback claims.  Please contact your drawback specialist if you have a specific question regarding your claim and document uploads.  

How will filers be able to submit drawback claims in ACE?

All ACE drawback claims will be submitted as entry type '47'.  Claimants will identify the applicable statutory provision of claim within their submission. 

Where can I look up drawback error codes upon claim transmission?

ACE Drawback Error Codes can be found at the following link: ACE Drawback Error Dictionary 

Who do I contact if I received error codes on my drawback claim transmission?

Please reach out to your assigned CBP client representative for more information.  If you do not have an assigned client representative, send an email to  


For guidance related to drawback claim transmission, please reference the following links:


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