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CBP is committed to providing resources that help you and your family through life’s biggest events and biggest challenges. Click on any of the topics below to find information on resources, benefits, and programs designed to help CBP employees and their family members.


Happy pregnant woman drinking green vegetable juice or smoothie at home

Find resources that you need to plan for the arrival of your new child or stepchild and your return to work.

Happy cute little son playing game with dad building constructor tower from multicolored wooden blocks

Access benefits, resources, and programs available to CBP parents and their children.

senior man in wheelchair with happy caregiver daughter

Caring for an elderly relative? CBP offers resources and benefits that can help.

Side view of beautiful young woman looking in car side-view mirror sitting in vehicle.

Understand what domestic violence is and resources available. Domestic violence is unacceptable and contrary to CBP's core values.

Man seeking advice from professional female psychiatrist to diagnose his mental disorder and emotion due to his stress about work and life problems.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a 24/7, free and confidential resource for professional assistance from counseling to drafting a will.  Call 1-800-755-7002 for immediate assistance.

 Top view of We listen sign on wooden desk with telephone, digital tablet and cup of coffee.

Easy access to organizations and services to address your immediate concerns.

A house model placed on a pile of coins

Want to build good credit or retire comfortably? Whatever your financial goals are, CBP has resources in place to help.

lawyer discussing contract papers with businessman client in office

The CBP Employee Assistance Program (EAP) includes attorneys able to provide legal consultation and a 25% discount off the hourly rate for legal services rendered beyond the EAP.

Man and woman holding hands

CBP provides training resources for couples in order to aid our workforce in becoming more resilient. 
  • Last Modified: April 29, 2022
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