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Press Officers

CBP has spokespersons in Washington, D.C. and around the country to assist members of the working press. Our spokespersons address two major operational areas: ports of entry and between ports of entry (Border Patrol).

The CBP Media Relations inbox and individual press inquiries are monitored Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern - except Federal holidays.  Requests that come in outside that timeframe will be addressed the following business day.  This policy is not to be construed as a declination to respond, rather, it is meant to ensure U.S. Customs and Border Protection is allowed to conduct the due-diligence required to respond appropriately.

National Issues - HQ Press Officers

Daniel Hetlage, Director of Media
Phone: (202) 344-1780
Jennifer Gabris, Headquarters Branch Chief
Phone: (202) 344-1355
Stephanie Malin, Northern & Coastal Branch Chief
Phone: (405) 319-6490
Carlos Diaz, Southwest Branch Chief
Phone: (202) 325-3018
Jaime I Ruiz, Strategic Media Engagement Branch Chief
Phone: (562) 980-3110
Roland "Chip" Filiault, Public Affairs Specialist
Phone: (202) 325-1486
April Grant, Public Affairs Specialist
Phone: (202) 325-5036
Tony Olivieri, Public Affairs Specialist
Phone: (202) 344-2121
Kelly Cahalan, Public Affairs Specialist
Phone: (202) 325-3778
Greg Moore, Public Affairs Specialist
Phone: (202) 344-1743

State Listings - Regional Press Officers

Public Affairs Specialist States Covered
Robert Daniels
(520) 519-7038
Jacqueline Wasiluk
(619) 744-5245
California (Southern)
Ralph DeSio
(619) 216-4052
California (Southern)
Stephanie Malin
(405) 319-6490
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
Stephen Sapp
(215) 594-4117
Delaware, Maryland, Northern Virginia, Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania
Keith Smith
(305) 810-5190
Rob Brisley
(404) 997-7867
Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia
Steve Bansbach
(773) 462-9477
Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, Pennsylvania (Erie), Minnesota, Nebraska
Rhonda Lawson
(504) 670-2284
Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee
Kris Grogan
(586) 239-2928
Michigan, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Chicago/Midwest
Jason Givens
(206) 370-3812
Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington
Mike Niezgoda
(716) 626-6451
New York (Buffalo)
Anthony Bucci
(646) 733-3275
New York (New York City), Northern New Jersey
Yolanda Choates
(713) 387-7360
Oklahoma, Texas (Dallas, Houston)
Jeffrey Quinones
(787) 607-2689
Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Caribbean
Dennis Smith
(830) 778-7051
Texas (Del Rio)
Roderick Kise
(956) 289-5976
Texas (Rio Grande Valley)
Rick Pauza
(956) 764-3425
Texas (South)
Sara Melendez
(956) 764-3349
Texas (South)
Doug Mosier
(915) 834-8702
Texas (West), New Mexico
Roger Maier
(915) 730-7269
Texas (West), New Mexico
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August 22, 2018