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Air and Marine Operations

Everyday Heroes

AMO agents aren't ones to look for the spotlight, yet we're the first to rush into the face of danger. From tracking down drug smugglers in the dead of night to performing life-saving rescues on land and sea. As an AMO agent, every day brings a new and exciting challenge.

Watch Your Career Take Flight

AMO agents serve our country while protecting our citizens from illegal activities. We are a highly-skilled, select group and provide great career opportunities for transitioning veterans and college graduates.

Interested, but need more information?

Air Interdiction Agent in the cockpit
Air and Marine Agent standing behind the rotor of the helicopter

"Working as an Air Interdiction Agent is truly like no other job in the world."

Why We Love Our Job

"The opportunity to help the citizens of America in their time of need is one of the greatest honors in my life. I feel privileged to be a member of the most capable airborne/maritime agency in America."

Three Marine Interdiction Agents walking on a dock towards the boat

Air Interdiction Agent Zoe Cunningham

"When I was in college, they always held a fall career fair...CBP was there with a booth for Air Interdiction Agents. I remember thinking to myself I would never have the flight time required for a job as cool as that. But years later when I saw this position open, I thought, well, I have the flight time now!"

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September 1, 2021