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Official Photo of Acting Commissioner Kevin K. McAleenan
U.S. Customs and Border
Protection Commissioner
Kevin K. McAleenan

Kevin K. McAleenan

Kevin K. McAleenan became Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection March 20, 2018. As the agency’s chief executive, Mr. McAleenan oversees 60,000 employees, manages a budget of over $13 billion, and ensures the effective operations of CBP’s efforts to protect national security while promoting economic prosperity and security.  Mr. McAleenan directs CBP’s three core missions, counterterrorism, border security, and trade enforcement, while facilitating $4 Trillion in trade and facilitating travel of over 365 million people through ports of entry.  He oversees the largest law enforcement agency and the second-largest revenue collecting source in the federal government.


Robert E. Perez

Acting Deputy Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection
U.S. Customs and Border
Protection Deputy
Commissioner Robert E.

Robert E. Perez was named as the Deputy Commissioner for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). In this role, he serves as the agency’s senior career official, with a primary focus of working closely with the Commissioner to ensure that CBP’s mission of protecting our Nation’s borders from terrorists and terrorist weapons is carried out effectively in partnership with other Federal, state, local, and foreign entities.  Other top CBP priorities for which Mr. Perez is responsible include securing and facilitating legitimate global trade and travel, keeping illegal drugs and illegal aliens from crossing our borders, and protecting our Nation’s food supply and agriculture industry from pests and disease. 




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May 14, 2019