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DHS University Programs on Blockchain

Image of a robot hand representing AI and a human hand toughing fingertips, reminiscent of the fresco by Michelangelo’s the Creation of Adam.

BTID partners with the DHS Center of Excellence to work with universities in developing cutting-edge trade projects to improve the flow of goods into the United States. BTID projects are focused on researching and developing solutions for CBP and the import of goods. University projects assess the impact to the economy, trade community, and the general public. BTID’s university projects are closely aligned with CBP strategic plan, ensuring that research projects are contributing to CBP’s mission.

    • Researched how to leverage emerging technologies to augment and enhance data sharing and the economic costs and benefits from incorporating emerging technologies
    • Researched the impact on efficiency effects for the consumer, the importer, and other stakeholders
    • Conducted with the Borders, Trade, and Immigration Institute (BTI) of the University of Houston
    • Read the final report
    Image of cargo ships at port.
    • The study was conducted by BTI of the University of Houston
    • Looked at starting data from Purchase Order submission and combining shipping and entry data
    • Reverse engineer Entry/Entry Summary Processes to remove dependency on Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS)
    • Included all modes of transportation and a look at architectural and technical implications
    • Check out the final report on "Transforming Trade and Ensuring Global Supply Chain Security with Blockchain and Smart Contracts"
    Image of cargo ships at port.
  • Last Modified: May 23, 2023