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We are the architects of the most robust customs system in the world. Join us, and help design America's future.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Office of Trade facilitates legitimate trade, enforces U.S. laws, and protects the American economy to ensure consumer safety and to create a level playing field for American businesses. Working together with our partners we are creating a safer, more efficient global supply chain. 

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Border Patrol agents conducting boat patrol.
Border Patrol Search, Trauma and Rescue Unit agent.

"It's always humbling to read about a day's work when its published in the news the next day."

Why We Love Our Job

"Within the Office of Trade there is so much opportunity for growth and so many interesting subjects to explore. I am constantly learning and growing as a professional, and I really feel like leadership empowers me to be my best."


Design Within Reach teaching CBP what to look for when checking for counterfeits.

CBP Trade - Protecting Our Way of Life

We are the engine that makes trade work while safeguarding the U.S. economy. The Office of Trade protects American consumers from harmful and counterfeit imports by ensuring the goods that enter the U.S. marketplace are genuine, safe, and lawfully sourced. Each day CBP releases nearly 90 thousand entries of merchandise and processes more than $6.6 billion worth of imported goods.”

Protecting Our Way of Life
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December 10, 2020