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Frontline Against Fentanyl

Fentanyl citrate bottle with various forms of fentanyl arranged around it. Pill, crystal, and liquid form.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is entrusted with and committed to carrying out its homeland security missions. Part of that includes stopping deadly fentanyl, synthetic drugs and precursors from entering the country. Just 2 milligrams – the size of just a few grains of sand – is a lethal dose. According to the CDC, more than 150 Americans each day – around 55,000 each year – die from overdoses related to synthetic opioids like fentanyl.

CBP’s fentanyl seizures have increased more than 800% since fiscal year 2019, and our fiscal year 2023 seizures of fentanyl have already surpassed the fiscal year 2022 seizure total.

CBP is taking a whole-of-CBP approach designed to lead the federal government’s fight against dangerous drugs like fentanyl and synthetic drugs to stop their destructive impacts on Americans. In light of this, in July 2023, Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Commissioner Troy Miller tasked a working group to modernize CBP’s strategy to combat fentanyl, other synthetic drugs and precursors. This new strategy realigns the agency’s efforts focusing on officer and agent safety, along with our communities. This new strategy takes a whole-of-CBP approach to the problem with CBP as the lead for the entire federal government.

Last Modified: Nov 17, 2023