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ACE Training and Reference Guides

Welcome to the ACE training and reference guides page for the ACE Portal, manifest, and reports. For more specific help or assistance on the ACE Secure Data Portal, please visit the ACE Support page.

ACE Portal Training

Modernized ACE Portal

Legacy ACE Portal


ACE Manifest Training

Learn to use ACE multi-modal manifest features available through the ACE Portal.  Topics covered include:


ACE Reports Training

Learn more about ACE Reports by viewing the Quick Reference Cards (QRCs) and videos below:

Accessing ACE Reports Applications:  Learn to navigate to ACE Reports from within the ACE Portal.  

Setting Default Preferences: Learn to customize ACE Reports preferences.

Navigating ACE Reports: Learn the structure of the ACE Reports Home Page and Documents tab features.

Navigating the Workspace Module: View how to navigate within the reports workspace. 

Running a Standard Report: Overview of running standard predefined ACE reports.

Saving and Exporting a Report: Learn how to save and export the results of a report.

Modifying the Result Objects of a Report: Learn how to modify the parameters of a report query.

Add Input Controls: Learn how to use Input Controls to apply filters to a report to analyze the data.

Inboxing a Report: Learn how to send reports to others using the BI inbox option.

Sort and Filter Report Data: Learn to use the Sort feature in Design mode to adjust the order to report data rows.

Adding ACE Reports to the BI Home Tab: Learn how to add ACE Reports to the BI Home Tab.

Modifying the Display of a Report: Learn how to customize the fields displayed in a report.

Modifying Query filters: Learn how to modify the filters in a query.

Scheduling a Recurring Report: Learn to run reports on a dynamic schedule of your choice.

Creating Ad Hoc Reports: Learn how to develop reports from the ground up.

Nested Filters: Learn how to nest filters in ACE Reports.

Pasting Lists of Values into Filters: Learn how to paste a list of values into filters.

Adding Dynamic Dates: Learn how to set dates to update dynamically for a regularly recurring report.

Changing the Data Source: Learn how to change the data source of a report to a new data universe.

Add and Remove Breaks and Sections: Learn how to use breaks and sections to divide reports into smaller or more comprehensive parts for easier reading and more effective data analysis.

Visualize Data Using Charts and Graphs: Learn how to add visual data, such as charts and graphs, to a report.

  • Last Modified: May 12, 2023