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Roughly a third of CBP’s workforce has served in the military. If you are a veteran joining CBP, you will find many others that share your military background and principles. When it comes to principles, veterans personify CBP’s core values vigilance, integrity and service to country. Furthermore, veterans fit in well with CBP’s culture of teamwork, integrity, and innovation.

Below are a series of testimonials from officers and agents that were previously in the military and transitioned into positions at CBP.

CBP Officer Black

CBP Officer Black/Army Veteran
"CBP was a natural transition from military service for me. CBP has allowed me to continue to serve in a uniformed, goal orientated atmosphere that respects my status as a veteran. I have found a place where my skills and experiences are not only welcomed but desired.”

Border Patrol Agent Adams

Border Patrol Agent Adams/Army Veteran
"After serving in the U.S. Army, first on active duty and then the reserves, I wanted a career that was structured and provided that same sense of esprit de corps. The United States Border Patrol (USBP) has given me that and more. After 20 years in the Army and 21 years in the USBP, I can truly say both have been rewarding experiences that I will continue to be proud of.”

Air Interdiction Agent Gayle

Air Interdiction Agent Gayle/Army Veteran
"I served in the U.S. Army during Operation Desert Storm. During that time I took advantage of the GI Bill. Doing so helped me pay for my college and pursue my ambitions of becoming a pilot. The education I received using the GI Bill opened the door to a career with CBP Air and Marine Operations flying helicopters, airplanes and jets. CBP has given me the opportunity to utilize the training, skills and education I acquired while enlisted in the Army. I’m enjoying a great career flying and I hope to share this opportunity with others.”

CBP Officer Rowe

CBP Officer Rowe/Marine Corps Veteran
"There was a large gap between my time in the Marine Corps and starting my career with CBP. However, CBP afforded me the opportunity to once again serve my country and contribute to the success of our great nation. I have found that my success with CBP has been mostly attributed to my experience in the Marine Corps."


CBP values the experience, commitment and discipline that separating service members and veterans bring to the job. That is why CBP is proud to offer rewarding careers and unique benefits to veterans and military spouses seeking employment with CBP. For more information visit the webpages listed below.

Additional Benefits 

By continuing employment with the federal government, veterans joining CBP may also be eligible to count their time in the military towards CBP retirement and leave accrual, and may be eligible to receive a GI-Bill monthly housing allowance benefit for On-The-Job Training.

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