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CBP Trade News Snapshot

The new monthly Trade News Snapshot is an overview of the latest updates on CBP’s trade facilitation and enforcement efforts around the globe.  The Snapshot highlights CBP’s important trade programs, initiatives, and operations for our trade partners and the public. CBP works with partner government agencies and the trade community to facilitate legitimate trade that supports economic growth and shield the American public and businesses from unsafe products, intellectual property theft, and unfair trade practices.

Trade News Snapshot has replaced the quarterly CBP Trade Enforcement Bulletin.

Trade News Spotlight

IssueFeatured Stories

Volume 3, Issue 3

Available in English and Spanish

EAC Message; CBP Combats Illegal Logging; CBP Nominated for Prestigious Award; New Forced Labor Finding; 21CCF Update; World IP Day
Volume 3, Issue 2EAC Message; Women's History Month Feature; Stop Act Interim Rule Published; CBP Sees Record Covid-19 Counterfeit PPE Seizures

Volume 3, Issue 1

Available in English and Spanish

EAC Message; Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month; 2021 IPR Operations at Super Bowl LV; Trade and Travel Report; Xinjiang Regional WRO
Volume 2, Issue 8EAC Message; Beware of Counterfeits when Shopping Online; New Xinjiang WRO, U.S.-Singapore Customs Signing; Modification of WRO on Bone Black; Trade Strategy 2025

Volume 2, Issue 7

Available in English and Spanish

EAC Message; UL World Anti-Counterfeiting Week; Enforce and Protect Act 2020 Statistics; New WRO - Palm Oil; WRO Detention
Volume 2, Issue 6EAC Message; CBP's First Virtual Trade Week; WRO Update - Goods from China; Pure Circle Penalty Collected; EAC Smith on Women in Trade Podcast; Certification of Origin Template; E-Commerce Ruling; WRO Update - Seafood 
Volume 2, Issue 5EAC Message; CBP Implements U.S. - Mexico - Canada Agreement; WRO Update; Proposed Customs Broker Regulations; EAC Smith on Trade Guys Podcast; CBP Frontline - Keeping Trade Flowing; U.S. - Paraguay Customs Mutual Assistance Agreement 
Volume 2, Issue 4EAC Message; CBP Protects PPE and Medical Supply Shipments; Withhold Release Orders, CBP is Making Major Upgrades to ACE

Volume 2, Issue 3

Available in English and Spanish

EAC Message; CBP Launches Center for USMCA Implementation; COVID-19 Webpage and Resources; Two WRO Revocations; OT Remains Dedicated During COVID-19
Volume 2, Issue 2EAC Message; CBP Tackles E-Commerce and an Evolving Trade Landscape; the FY19 Trade and Travel Report; Protecting the Mid-Century Modern Furniture Industry; a new Blockchain Proof of Concept
Volume 2, Issue 1EAC Message; Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month; Japan Free Trade Agreement: OT EAC Award Ceremony; 2020 Look Ahead – Innovation; eCBP platform
Volume 1, Issue 8EAC Message; WRO for Tobacco from Malawi; Section 301: Large Civil Aircraft; New EAPA Final Determination; OT at WCO; CBP Collects $3M in Customs Violations form Importer
Volume 1, Issue 7EAC Message; TPP Executive Director Trip to Philippines; Section 301; Tranche 4 Implementation; New Withhold Release Orders
Volume 1, Issue 6EAC Message; U.S. Customs 230th Anniversary Celebration; New Office of Trade Logo; E-commerce Data Pilot and Entry Type 86 Test
Volume 1, Issue 5EAC Message; OT EAC Award Ceremony; CBP and Underwriters Laboratories Working Group; CBP Trade at AAEI Conference; 21st Century Customs Framework; EAC Smith at the WCO in Brussels, Belgium
Volume 1, Issue 4EAC Message; U.S. Chamber of Commerce Supply Chain Summit; Ford Motor Cars Court Decision; India Removed as GSP Nation; Trade Symposium Update; COAC Quarterly Meeting; Trade Remedy Updates
Volume 1, Issue 3CBP Trade at NCBFAA; 2019 Trade Symposium – Save the Date; CBP Releases Strategy 2020-2025; CBP, Liberty Shared Partner to Combat Forced Labor; CBP Implementing 3rd Round of Exclusions to Section 301 Tariffs; New ACE Deployment Schedule Available; Informed Compliance Publications Update
Volume 1, issue 2EAC Corner; 21st Century Customs Framework; EAPA Final Determination; 3/16 ACE Deployment; 301 Increased Duties Postponed
Volume 1, Issue 1EAC Corner; Launch of @CBPTradeGov; CBP & Cisco DAP; 21st Century Customs Framework; Super Bowl LII; USMCA - Next Steps; Combating Forced Labor; Drawback Final Rule
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June 17, 2021