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Trade Support Network

The Trade Support Network (TSN) provides a forum for the trade community to provide recommendations and input on customs automation and modernization. There are approximately 450 members of the TSN that represent the entire breadth of the trade community. The TSN is led by the Trade Leadership Council (TLC) Executive Committee (EC). The TSN includes over 65 software developers that comprise the TSN Technical Advisory Group (TAG). Their responsibilities include technical and operational input on the design and development of the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). TSN members support the trade community in adapting new CBP processes and system updates, participating in testing of new functionality in the CERT and assisting CBP in disseminating information about program changes, system enhancements, and technical updates to the trade community. 


As needs arise, CBP works with the TSN to convene working groups to support specific modernization enhancements and ACE topics. These working groups focus on requirements, technical implementation, and policy. Current information on working groups is available below:

Working Group NameFocus & FunctionalityStatus
ACE Entry Summary Business RulesReview and update the Entry Summary Business Process DocumentActive
DrawbackCollect input form the trade drawback filers on the TFTEA drawback deployment.Active
ReconciliationReview and update the Reconciliation Section of the ACE Entry Summary Business Rules DocumentActive
Air Export ManifestDiscuss technical and policy issues for air export manifest functionalityActive
Ocean Export ManifestDiscuss technical and policy issues for ocean export manifest functionalityActive
Rail Export ManifestDiscuss technical and policy issues for rail export manifest functionalityActive
Truck ManifestDiscuss technical and policy issues for truck manifest functionality. Provide updates to ACE portal truck manifest filersActive
Automated Invoice Interface (AII)Collect trade input on how the AII system will work in ACEInactive
ACE ReportsCollect input from trade ACE Reports users as CBP begins the transition from Account Management and Entry Summary Management universes to the new Entry Summary universeActive
Section 321: Entry Type 86Collect input from the trade on the development of Section 321 functionality in ACEActive
CBP Form 5106Collect input from the trade on technical updates to the 5106 CATAIRActive
Consolidated Express Filings (CEF)Provide trade input on deployment of consolidated express filings in ACEInactive
BondBond issues that impact importers, sureties, brokers, SWDs. This working group provides input on ASI Real Time Data and Risk-Based Bonding capabilitiesNew
RevMod Electronic Payment Option (ePO)Support the continuous rollout of features that increase electronic payment options for brokers and travelersNew
ACE Portal RefactoringCollect trade input as functionality related to trade user provisioning and ACE portal account use for importers, brokers, carriers, filers, exporters, and sureties are replaced in the existing ACE portal.New


Below you will find more information on the TSN and available resources:

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