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Transmitting Data to CBP via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is an electronic communication system that provides standards for exchanging data via any electronic means. In order to transmit data to CBP systems via EDI, filers must test with CBP to ensure all programming is correct and that their systems are able to send data to and receive data from CBP.

If you have never transmitted data to CBP via EDI, contacting a CBP Client Representative is the first step to getting started. The Client Representatives are the first point of contact for importers, exporters, transportation providers, and brokers wishing to automate any of their interactions with CBP. The Client Representatives facilitate the trade's communication, testing, and operational participation with CBP automated systems and are the contact point for system-related problems and questions from trade partners.

Benefits of filing data through EDI:

  • Faster CBP Transaction Processing;
  • Sharing of electronic data between CBP and government agencies;
  • Import and Export Manifest filing;
  • Entry and entry summary filing;
  • Electronic Census warnings and overrides features and Post Summary Corrections capabilities; and
  • Document Image System functionality.

VPN Connectivity:

To communicate with CBP automated systems, trade users have the option to implement one of four communication methods. The methods are:

  • Public Internet Cisco VPN/MQ Series via a client provisioned Internet Service Provider (ISP) connection,
  • Verizon or AT&T Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPN a private Cisco VPN/MQSeries solution,
  • Service Center,
  • VAN (value-added network)

In order to enroll for CBP VPN connectivity, please contact your assigned client representative or email the client representative branch. To afford you and your software vendor an opportunity to select the CBP VPN solution that best meets your company’s needs please reference the CBP Trade VPN - Deciding Which VPN Solution is Best for Your Company.


Letter of Intent

CBP Interconnection Security Agreement

Trade partners who already have a Client Representative assigned to them, should contact their assigned Client Representative directly via phone or email. If you do not have a Client Representative assigned, please reach out to the Client Representative Branch via email:
Email Client Rep Branch

Last Modified: May 30, 2023