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Instructions for the Electronic Interconnection Security Agreement (eISA) for the Trade Internet Virtual Private Network (TVPN) / Secure File Transport Protocol (SFTP)

  1. Follow the link to the Trade Virtual Private Network (TVPN)/(SFTP) Interconnection Security Agreement Acceptance Form.
  2. Click on "Click to view Interconnection Security Agreement" to view the Interconnection Security Agreement in adobe PDF format.
  3. Read eISA and then check the "I have read the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Trade Internet Virtual Private Network (VPN) Interconnection Security Agreement dated July 2017 and I agree to comply with the terms and conditions described therein." box and completes the required information and clicks the [next] button.
  4. Review the information. You can either click the [edit] button to return to the first page of the form or [submit] to send the ISA request.
  5. Once reviewed and confirmed, click the [submit] button and then this message is displayed "Your ISA acceptance form has been submitted to CBP and application for Customs and Border Protection Trade VPN/Secure File Transfer Protocol. An e-mail message acknowledging your TVPN/SFTP application should arrive at the primary e-mail address supplied on the first page of this application."
  6. An email is generated that captures the TVPN/SFTP ISA form information and sends it to the Trade Partners email address. Once received, the Trade Partner is expected to reply to the email within 24 hours. The reply to email will be sent to The email will have a unique "confirmation" or "tracking" number that is in the subject line and email body.
  7. At the same time, an identical email is sent to Intended for tracking purposes, no action is required.
  8. When the reply email is received from the user, the unique "confirmation" or "tracking" number will match the email sent directly to
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December 14, 2017