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Instructions for Customs and Border Protection Interconnection Security Agreement

In accordance with implementation of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Information Systems Security Policy, all participants that transmit electronic data directly to CBP's Automated Export System (AES), Air Cargo Advanced Screening (ACAS), International Trade Data System (ITDS) or connecting through Secure File Transport Protocol (SFTP) are required to have a signed Interconnection Security Agreement (ISA) on file with CBP. The following provides information to identify those participants that are required to file an ISA and instructions on how to complete and forward the ISA to CBP.

AES, ACAS and ITDS participants who connect directly to these CBP systems or connection through SFTP are required to:

  1. Edit/Complete one of the following ISA documents (in the Related Links column on the right side of this page) per the instructions provided below.
  • ISAMPLS.EXE is for MPLS/MQ users.
  • eISATVPN.EXE is for VPN/SFTP users.
  1. For MPLS/MQ Users, download the MPLS ISA form, complete the document, and have it digitally signed by a corporate officer of your company. Email the digitally signed PDF to
  2. For Trade Internet Virtual Private Network (VPN) Users and Secure File Transport Protocol (SFTP) follow the link to right for the Electronic Interconnection Security Agreement (eISA) Trade Internet Virtual Private Network (TVPN) and Secure File Transport Protocol (SFTP) Instructions.
  3. Confirm with your established service vendor account representative that the ISA is completed either by forwarding the confirmation email of the TVPN/SFTP eISA or by forwarding a copy of the signed paper ISA. This is the final step before service vendor will process the order.

An ISA is not required from any participant who submits electronic data to CBP's AES system solely by any one of, or any combination of, the following methods:

  1. Filing through the Census Internet application AESDirect
    (The obligation to provide an ISA rests with the AESDirect contract company.)
  2. Filing through a Service Bureau, Value Added Network (VAN) or Freight Forwarder/Agent who subsequently transmits your data to CBP. (The obligation to provide an ISA rests with the Service Bureau, VAN or Freight Forwarder/Agent.)

If the above exclusion does not apply, then you connect directly to CBP and you must complete and return an ISA document. Failure to provide an ISA will prevent CBP from establishing the communications profile that permits transmission to AES will prompt removal of a preexisting profile.

When completing the ISA, please edit the document by making the following substitutions: (Using MS Word, the clauses that must be substituted all appear underlined and either bolded or uppercase.)

On the title page replace:

  • Your Company Name with the name of your company.
  • Month Year with the appropriate current date.
  • Company Address, City, State, Zip Code with the appropriate address information.
  • Contact name, telephone and fax number with the appropriate contact information.

Throughout the body of the document, replace:

  • Company Name with the name of your company.
  • Company, City, State, Zip with the address of your company.

On the signature page replace:

  • Signature Authority with the name of the officer signing the document.
  • Title with the title of the officer signing the document.
  • Your Company Name with the name of your company.

Addendum Page for MPLS/MQ Users

  • List each additional connection / computer site from which you connect directly to CBP.
  • Include the company name (if different/d.b.a.), full address, contact name, telephone and fax number.
Last Modified: Mar 07, 2024