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ACE Portal Training Resources

Provides navigational descriptions of the ACE Portal and detailed step-by-step instructions on different account management functionality.

Training Resources
Topic Resources
Account – Initial Access
Instructions on how to set up your account for the first time and how to change your password.
Account – Initial Access User Guide
Account – Exporter Account Access
Instructions on how to set up an ACE Portal Exporter account.

Account – Exporter Account Access User Guide

Account – Managing User Access
Learn to create new contacts, create users, assign access privileges and deactivate accounts.
Account – Managing User Access User Guide
Account – Cross Account Access
Walkthrough of how to grant, accept, update and revoke cross account access.
Account – Cross Account Access User Guide
Account – Merging
Instructions how to merge multiple accounts
Account – Merging User Guide
Account – Employee Data Upload
Instructions how to merge multiple accounts
Account – Employee Data Upload Quick Reference Guide
AD/CVD Cases & Messages
Find out how to locate AD/CVD cases and messages in the ACE Portal
AD/CVD Cases & Messages User Guide
Business Activity Log
Instructions on how to view, create, search and update your message transaction history.
Business Activity Log User Guide
Creating and Maintaining Entry Banks
Instructions on how to create and maintain entry banks via the ACE Portal.
Creating and Maintaining Entry Banks User Guide
Declaration Records
Learn to grant users access to declaration records and how to create, search, print or cancel a record.
User Guide
Error Messages
A quick reference guide to common errors and their solutions found in the ACE Secure Data Portal. ACE portal helpful hints included.
Error Messages User Guide
El Diario de los Errores de e-Manifesto
Una guía y referencia de los errores comunes y las soluciones que se encuentran en el Pórtico Seguro de Datos de ACE. Incluye consejos útiles para el pórtico de ACE.
Guía del usuario
Periodic Monthly Statement
Benefits and instructions on how to participate in Periodic Monthly Statement.
Periodic Monthly Statement User Guide
Protest Quick Reference Guide (QRG)

Provides guidance and direction for creating, adding, and editing Protest filers, creating, searching, amending and viewing Protests, uploading and providing supplemental information and accelerated disposition of Protest and withdrawing a Protest.

Protest Quick Reference Guide (QRG) Quick Reference Guide
Last Modified: Feb 15, 2024