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OCA Directorates and Committees of Jurisdiction

OCA has five directorates that are organized to reflect the missions of CBP's operational offices and directorates. These OCA directorates and the Committees for which they have primarily responsibility are:

The Office of Congressional Affairs

Border, Air, & Marine Operations

The Border, Air & Marine Operations Directorate is the OCA lead for CBP operations to secure the land and maritime borders between ports of entry. It serves as the primary OCA liaison to all authorizing committees and personal office staff on matters involving the U.S. Border Patrol and Air and Marine​ Operations.

 Budget & Appropriations

The Budget & Appropriations Directorate is the OCA lead for the annual congressional budget and appropriations process. This directorate is the primary CBP liaison to the House and Senate appropriations and budget committees and works to ensure favorable consideration of CBP's budgetary requests and initiatives. Securing adequate funding through the annual appropriations process is a vital part of CBP's legislative work.

Management Operations & Communications

The Management Operations and Communications (MOC) Directorate is the OCA lead for inter-office coordination of taskings, correspondence, reports, and FOIA requests.  The directorate manages OCA’s budget planning and execution process, the creation of internal OCA policy, and CBP directives concerning congressional matters as well as  OCA hiring practices, facility issues and equipment, supplies, and inventory maintenance.

(No committees)

Operations Support / Enterprise Service

The Operations Support/Enterprise Services Directorate consists of  two divisions. The Operations Support Division is the lead for issues such as less-lethal training and use-of-force review, CBP policy, asset management, and the National Firearms and Tactics Branch. In addition, it is the primary liaison on issues concerning the Office of Intelligence.  The Enterprise Services Division is the lead for finance, administrative services, acquisition and portfolio management and human resource topics such as employee resilience, workplace solutions.

Trade and Field Operations

The Trade and Field Operations (TFO) Directorate manages the CBP’s legislative priorities related to the agency’s trade facilitation and enforcement mission, as well as cargo and passenger operations at the Nation’s air, land, and sea ports of entry. It also has two divisions.

Trade and Agriculture Division

Field Operations Division



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August 30, 2021