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CBP Innovation Team

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Innovation Team (INVNT) resides within CBPs Office of the Commissioner to identify, adapt, and deliver innovative and disruptive commercial technology solutions to keep front-line personnel safer, more effective, and one step ahead. INVNT identifies and pilots cutting-edge commercial technologies, adapts them for government use, and transitions proven capabilities – all while moving at the pace of commercial industry.

Focus Areas

Innovation Focus Areas. Autonomous Capabilities: Better allocation of time and resources. Serves as force multipliers to execute repetitive tasks better suited to machines than humans. AI/Advanced Analytics: Reveal insights and anticipate future outcomes. Enables CBP to derive actionable and meaningful insights from our internal data. Sensors and Data: Increase ability to detect, respond, and resolve. Detects inputs from the physical environment, leverages commercially available data, and transmits to another system for analysis. Communications: Improved shared situational awareness. Ensures we can get our data to our operators – whether remotely in the field or with cutting edge IT infrastructure.
Innovation Focus Areas: Autonomous Capabilities; AI and Advanced Analytics; Sensors and Data; Communications


Additional Information About the CBP Innovation Team

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  • Last Modified: September 14, 2022