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Intergovernmental Public Liaison

The Office of Intergovernmental Public Liaison (IPL) serves the dual role of: 1) Advising the Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, and program offices on the impact U.S. Customs & Border Protection’s (CBP) mission, policies, and initiatives have on key stakeholders (i.e., state, local, tribal, and territorial governments, law enforcement; the national associations representing them; non-governmental organizations; and the public), and 2) Serving as CBP's principal liaison to these key stakeholders.

IPL informs key stakeholders about current and proposed CBP initiatives, addresses issues, resolves concerns, as well as builds and maintains partnerships. These duties require close collaboration with Headquarters, Sector, Field, and Branch Office leadership from planning through execution to ensure successful engagements. IPL also serves as the conduit of information to/from similar offices within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and across the U.S. Government.

Mission Statement

To facilitate communication and foster relationships with key stakeholders regarding CBP's mission, policies, and initiatives.


Timothy Quinn, Executive Director
Mary Hyland, Deputy Executive Director
Darren R. Neely, (A) Chief of Staff
Bronia E. Ashford, Chief of Tribal & Community Affairs
Daniel Githens, Chief of Intergovernmental Affairs
Ashton K. Washington, Chief of Law Enforcement Affairs
Nawar Shora, Senior Community Relations Manager
Elizabeth Pacheco, Staff Assistant
Darren R. Neely, Director of CBP Information Center​

Last Modified: Feb 16, 2023