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AESDirect Technical Information

The content below provides technical documentation related to filing export related content to CBP and the Automated Commercial Environment's AESDirect.

AESWebLink Developers Kit

AESWebLink enables Internet application developers and providers to allow their users to pass data from their own third party applications into AESDirect. This makes it easier for end-users to enter data into AESDirect and eliminate double entry of data into both the third party application and AESDirect.

Third party (web) applications will have to be certified (authorized) to interface with AESWebLink by completing the AESWebLink certification process.

A third party web application that is certified to interface with AESDirect will be referred to in the following text as an "Enabled Application".

An Enabled Application is an application that is collecting data for other export-trade purposes and wants to give its users the ability to streamline their processes and eliminate double entry of information. AESWebLink is intended as a plug-in capability for sharing information between an AESDirect certified third party browser application and AESDirect, thus further streamlining export data capture and information flow, and reducing data entry.

In addition to allowing automated submission of a shipment to AESDirect, the AESWebLink interface also provides the ability to submit a status inquiry transaction. An inquiry transaction can be submitted at any time. The response to the inquiry will be a transaction from AESDirect providing the current status of the shipment and the AES ITN (if available at the time of inquiry).

Using this capability an AESWebLink provider can build into their AESWebLink client-side interface the logic and ability to both submit the shipment transaction and to then to enquire the status of the shipment. A key element of the inquiry transaction is the ITN issued by AES for the shipment.

It is important to understand that the ITN will only be available once the shipment has been submitted to AES by AESDirect and a successful acceptance received. Thus the AESWebLink provider should take this timing into account if submitting an automated inquiry to obtain the ITN.

This inquiry capability is of particular importance if the AESWebLink provider wishes to obtain the ITN back into their client-side application for logistical and compliance purposes.

This AESWebLink Developers Information contains the following Sections:



EDI Upload Process

When an AESDirect filing companies as been validated for the EDI Upload capability (by completing the EDI certification, or using pre-certified software), the EDI File Upload function will be activated for their AESDirect Account.

The filing company can use this function to upload files containing the shipments you wish to file with AESDirect.

  • After logging in to AESDirect select "EDI File Upload" on the Main Menu.
  • Click the "Browse..." button and use the Windows Browse function to select a file, and then click continue to upload it to AESDirect.
  • If the EDI file is successfully uploaded to AESDirect and accepted for processing a confirmation message will be displayed, e.g. "File upload successful" File "local path and file name" was uploaded as "remote file name with timestamp and account code" at "time and date"
  • If AESDirect was unable to upload the file successfully an error message describing the problem encountered will be displayed.

After your EDI file has been processed by AESDirect an e-mail will be generated by AESDirect to your E-Mail Response address. This e-mail will detail the results of AESDirect processing all of the shipments in your EDI file. This will include a report of any validation problems found, and confirmation of any shipments that passed all AESDirect validations and accepted by AESDirect.

Please Note:

  • Only shipments accepted by AESDirect are stored permanently and sent to AES.
  • Any shipment rejected by AESDirect will need to be corrected and re-submitted.
  • That a shipment delivered through an EDI Upload will automatically create USPPI and Consignee profiles.
  • Any shipment accepted through an EDI Upload will also be available for access through the AESDirect interactive functions.

Any shipment accepted by AESDirect will automatically be stored in AESDirect and sent to AES. For any AES responses received by AESDirect for accepted shipments an e-mail containing each response will be sent to your AESDirect E-Mail Response address.



AESDirect Testing Environment

Software developers can use the test environment to test bulk upload and weblink filings. The attached documents shows the step by step process.

General steps for this process include:

  1. The user must login to ACE portal with their credential and have launched AES Direct application as they do normally and  navigates to the AES Direct application. (Detailed steps provided in attached document)
  2. The user navigates to the trade website as they normally do on a different browser tab and creates their shipment on the trade side. (Steps 1 & 2 are interchangeable)
  3. User submits the filing data to the weblink API as form POST variables.
  4. The user reviews the data and submits the form as they would do normally and submits the form.
  5. After submission, the user will have an option to be redirected back to the trade website. The user will receive responses in email just like any submissions created through AESDirect.

The AESDirect Upload Test Files page includes links to three documents that contain sample test files for ADESDrecit WebLink Submissions, AESDirect AESTIR Submissions, and AESDirect X12 601 Submissions.

The AESDirect WebLink Test Process provides step-by-step instructions on logging into the test environment and sending a test filing.

The AESDirect Bulk Upload Test Process provides step-by-step instructions on logging into the test environment and submitting a bulk upload of EDI files.



If you have technical issues filing in the new system, please contact the AES Help Desk at or 800-549-0595, option 1.

If you have technical issues with your ACE Accounts Access, please contact the ACE Service Desk at or 1-866-530-4172, option 1, then option 2.

For information on how to sign up for an ACE Exporter Account, please visit the Getting Started page.


Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view AESDirect FAQs

A: The AESTIR specification requires that you transmit the license exemption code for certain license type codes in the Export License Number/CFR Citation/Authorization Symbol/KCP#/ ACM# (AESTIR CL2 record positions 65-76 or X12 X102 field). If your bulk upload file had spaces in this field and the license type code reported requires an exception code, AES will reject and generate a FATAL error.  When you open the shipment in the filing manager, you will see the error. However, the UI might show the correct value. This is a side effect of the UI auto populating certain fields based on previously entered values. Consult the Appendix F and find out if an exemption code is required for the license type code and report the correct value in the file.

The following license numbers can be used to test shipments requiring BIS or DDTC license.

BIS test license numbers are given below. Use any ECCN that conforms to the valid format NANNN (for example: 0A001).

License Code Test License Number
C30 D115044
C30 D115874
C30 D120080


DDTC test licenses numbers and the codes to be used are:

Test license numbers, registration numbers, and export information codes are given below.  Values in the test shipments must range from $2501 and $3000.

License Code Test License Numbers Test Registration Number ** Export Information Code
S05 ck1001 through ck1030 M-2619 OS
S61 ck1031 through ck1035 M-2619 OS
S73 ck1036 through ck1040 M-2619 OS
S85 018366 M-2619 OS
S94 any code of the format AA-A-AAA where "A" represents an alphanumeric character and "--" represents a dash * M-2619 FS or FI


* If the license number for an S94 shipment is formatted in any other manner, the shipment will be rejected.

** The dash in the registrant number must be input

Last Modified: Jul 29, 2022