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AESDirect WebLink Inquiry API


  • The AESWebLink Inquiry API is a definition of the protocol by which an AESWebLink Enabled Application will interface and interact with AESWebLink.
  • The AESWebLink Inquiry API consists of the URL for the AESWebLink application on the AESDirect server, and the data elements that can be passed to it.

WebLink Status API URL:

WebLink Filing API URL:


  • ​​​Variable: The name of the variable used to send this data element
  • Description: Description of the Variable
  • Required By: WebLink - This element is required for submission to AESWebLink. AESWebLink will reject the submission if this is missing.
  • Value(s): Codes or acceptable value(s) for this element. When this is left blank the element is free text.
  • Size: Maximum length of data that can be passed in this element.

System Variables

Variable Description Required By Value(s) Size
FID Filer ID used for the commodity filing WebLink Alphanumeric 11
SRN Shipment Reference Number WebLink Alphanumeric 17
URL Return URL (optional, needed only for automated ITN redirect. Only https URL will be supported.) Optional Valid URL 150
Last Modified: Dec 19, 2023