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Duty Deferral in ACE

Last Updated | July 27, 2017

On September 16, 2017 U.S. Customs and Border Protection will deploy Duty Deferral capabilities in ACE at which time Duty Deferral entries will no longer be filed/processed in ACS and must be done via ACE.

The current Deployment G Release schedule is as follows:

  • ACE Deployment G, Release 2 (September 16, 2017) – Non-ABI Entry Summary/Lineless (for CBP only), Duty Deferral, e214, and Manufacturer ID Creation
  • ACE Deployment G, Release 3 (December 16, 2017) – Statements
  • ACE Deployment G, Release 4 (February 24, 2018) – Reconciliation, ACE Core Drawback and TFTEA Drawback, Liquidation and Automated Surety Interface (ASI)

This phased approach ensures that the ACE core post release capabilities continue to interface seamlessly with collections in the legacy system.

Please be aware that the content below in this information notice is under revision and will be updated with additional information as it becomes available.

The following explains what will change for the trade community with respect to Duty Deferral entries in ACE:

What will stay the same in ACE?

While processing Duty Deferral entries in ACE is a change, most of Duty Deferral processing will largely stay the same.

What will change with Duty Deferral in ACE?

There are only minor changes to Duty Deferral processing in ACE.

  • As necessary, the trade may request that CBP reject the entry summary for corrections, as the Post Summary Correction capability is not an option for entry type 08.

Are there any Duty Deferral resources available?

Who do I contact if I have issues?

For questions related to Duty Deferral, contact your Client Representative or the ACE Account Service Desk at 1-866-530-4172 or

Last Modified: Oct 26, 2020