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Foreign Manufacturers

As a voluntary supply chain security program based on trust, CTPAT is open to members of the trade community who can demonstrate excellence in supply chain security practices and who have had no significant security related events. While each application to the CTPAT program is considered on an individual basis, applicants need to take into account that if issues of concern do exist, they may result in CBP determining the applicant to be ineligible for participation in the program.

Foreign Manufacturer Eligibility Requirements

  • Be an active Manufacturer incorporated in Mexico or Canada. Copies of the company’s certificate of incorporation must be made available upon request by CTPAT.
  • Have an active U.S. Customs and Border Protection Manufacturer Identification (MID) Number.
  • If applicable, Mexican based companies must provide the business’ “Acta Constitutiva”, which lists the full legal name of the company, and the full name of each owner or officer within the company.
  • Mexican based companies must provide the RFC (Registro Federal de Contribuyentes), issued by the Mexican Tax Administration Service or SAT. The RFC is the unique business/tax identifier made up of letters and numbers. RFCs are 12 characters long for companies, LLCs and partnerships (Persona Moral); or 13 characters long for persons or proprietorships (Persona Física).
  • Provide CTPAT with the correct Manufacturer Identification Number or MID number. This MID number must be constructed from the name and address of the manufacturer where the cargo originated. If an entry filed fails to include a properly constructed MID number, the entry may be rejected and any associated CTPAT benefits will be negated.
  • Designate a company officer that will be the primary cargo security officer responsible for CTPAT.
  • Sign the “CTPAT-Partner Agreement to Voluntarily Participate” and demonstrate commitment to the obligations outlined in this Agreement. This document is signed by a Company officer when the company applies for CTPAT membership via the CTPAT Portal.
  • Complete a supply chain security profile in the CTPAT Portal, identifying how the company meets and maintains the Program’s MSC for Foreign Manufacturers.
  • Maintain no evidence of financial debt to CBP for which the responsible party has exhausted all administrative and judicial remedies for relief, a final judgment or administrative disposition has been rendered, and the final bill or debt remains unpaid at the time of the initial application or annual renewal.
Last Modified: Mar 07, 2024