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Resource Optimization Strategy

CBP officers are responsible for carrying out the complex and demanding mission of securing and expediting international trade and travel at all ports of entry. Since 2009, trade and passenger volumes have increased in air, land, and sea environments; however, CBP officer staffing levels have remained relatively the same.

CBP has engaged in a series of transformation efforts to modernize our processes and maximize the use of existing resources, but these efforts have not been enough to keep pace with the increases in traffic and our increasingly complex mission.

To support these growing volumes in travel and trade, CBP has adopted a three-pronged strategy that maximizes existing resources, identifies our staffing needs, and explores funding sources to support our staffing needs.

We are committed to making the best use of our available resources and working with all of our stakeholders to address the challenges of our growing and changing mission. 

Last modified: 
February 12, 2019