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Customs Brokers

To qualify, your company must be an active (within the past year) Licensed U.S. Customs Broker with an active U.S. Customs Broker's license and filer code of record ID, and have an office staffed in the U.S.

U.S. Customs Broker Eligibility Requirements

  1. Be an active Licensed U.S. Customs Broker.
  2. Have a business office staffed in the United States.
  3. Have an active U.S. Customs Broker’s license and filer code of record ID in the following formats: ##### Customs Broker’s License Serial Number or ### Filer Code
  4. Have a designated company officer that will be the primary cargo security officer responsible for C-TPAT.
  5. Commit to maintaining the C-TPAT Security Criteria as outlined in the C-TPAT U.S. Custom Broker.
  6. Create and provide CBP with a C-TPAT supply chain security profile, which identifies how the broker will meet, maintain and enhance internal policy to meet the C-TPAT Minimum Security Criteria for Brokers.
Last published: 
January 30, 2014