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Enterprise Services Assistant Commissioners' Offices

Assistant Commissioner Jeffrey Caine

The Office of Finance (OF) is responsible for the fiscal management, integrity, and accountability of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The mission of the OF organization is to provide guidance and oversight of the agency's financial management, budget, and cost efficiency to ensure that funds necessary to carry out the agency's mission are obtained, allocated, and expended in accordance with CBP and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) priorities and relevant law and policies. OF advises the CBP Commissioner and senior leadership on fiscal matters, and represents the agency’s financial interests to Congress, other federal agencies, and industry.

Assistant Commissioner Andrea J. Bright

The Office of Human Resources Management is responsible for providing human resources support within CBP. It promotes and enables mission accomplishment through human capital planning and utilization; strategic leadership to CBP employees; efficient processes and practices which meet customer's operational needs; a safe work environment; advocacy for fair treatment; effective delivery of services (including filling positions, providing employee services and benefits, processing personnel actions and facilitating workforce effectiveness).

Assistant Commissioner Chris Hall

The Office of Training and Development's (OTD) mission is to Train America's Frontline. It accomplishes this through a systemic and systematic approach to ensure that training supports CBP's law enforcement, national security, and economic missions while meeting the needs of a diverse and widely dispersed workforce. OTD establishes standards and policies for designing, developing, delivering, and evaluating training. OTD manages the Performance and Learning Management System (PALMS) portal and all on-line, e-training content, along with CBP's accreditation, voluntary education, and tuition assistance programs. OTD accomplishes its mission with four national Academies/Training Centers (Advanced Training Center; U.S. Border Patrol Academy; CBP Field Operations Academy; Canine Training Center) and five Centers of Excellence/Divisions (Leadership Development, Distance Learning Center, Instructional Design Center, National Training Plan Division and Training Support Division).

Assistant Commissioner Sonny Bhagowalia

Office of Information and Technology, headed by an Assistant Commissioner (AC), is responsible for implementation and support of information technology, research and development functions, and automation and technological strategies for meeting mission-related needs. Specifically, the Office is responsible for automated information systems, management of the research and development functions and all forensic and laboratory support of the agency. OIT personnel manage all computer and related resources including all operational aspects of the Computer Security Program; establish requirements for computer interfaces between U.S. Customs and Border Protection and various trade groups and government agencies; and manage matters related to automated import processing and systems development. OIT personnel are responsible for managing all aspects of tactical communications, including the 24x7 operations of the National Law Enforcement Communications Center.

Assistant Commissioner Mark Borkowski

The Office of Acquisition supports CBP by providing expertise and oversight in acquiring or procuring mission-essential systems, supplies or services. The office establishes and maintains acquisition policy, facilitates acquisition governance and ensures the agency has a highly competent and effective workforce. The office is headed by the Chief Acquisition Officer, who also serves as a CBP Assistant Commissioner. The office also hosts a Component Acquisition Executive, the senior acquisition executive within CBP who makes specific acquisition decisions and recommendations consistent with DHS and CBP policy; designates acquisition managers and authorities throughout the agency; and provides oversight of all CBP acquisition programs. The office is made up of three directorates: Acquisition Support; Procurement; and Acquisition Governance and Oversight.

  • Last Modified: March 5, 2021