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CBP Headquarters

U.S. Customs and Border Protection SCAM ALERT: Scammers are posing as CBP Officers and Agents, demanding payment from unsuspecting fraud victims. Never give out your personal financial information over the phone to anyone claiming they are from the government demanding payment under threat of arrest. The Department of Homeland Security and CBP DOES NOT solicit money over the phone. Report the incident to the Federal Trade Commission. Be sure to note any phone numbers or identifying information. Hang up, it'


Questions, Comments or Complaints

Call the CBP INFO Center at (877) CBP-5511 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m Eastern time, Monday - Friday. If you are outside the United States, call +1 (202) 325-8000. (Telecommunications device for the hearing impaired: Please dial 7-1-1. The U.S. also has a national 7-1-1 service). You can also submit your question online.

Ask Us a FOIA Question

If you have a specific question related to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that you can't find answered elsewhere on the website, call us at (202)-325-0150.


Commissioner Troy A. Miller*
Deputy Commissioner Pete R. Flores*


Commissioner's Staff
Executive Secretariat Wayne Winterling, Executive Director
(202) 344-1040
Intergovernmental Public Liaison Tim Quinn, Executive Director
Privacy and Diversity Rebekah Salazar, Executive Director
(202) 344-1610
Trade Relations Valarie Neuhart, Deputy Executive Director
(202) 344-1440


Executive Assistant Commissioners
Air and Marine Operations Stephen A. Boyer
(202) 344-3950
Enterprise Services Ryan J. Scudder*
Field Operations Diane Sabatino* Field Operations Contact Numbers
Trade AnnMarie Highsmith
(202) 863-6000 Trade Contact Numbers
United States Border Patrol Jason Owens
(202) 344-2050

Note: * denotes an acting position

Assistant Commissioners
Acquisition Mark Borkowski, Component Acquisition Executive
(571) 468-7500
Chief Counsel Fredrick B. Smith
(202) 344-2940
Congressional Affairs Stephanie Talton*
(202) 344-1760
Finance Jeffrey Caine
(202) 325-2163
Human Resources Management Andrea J. Bright
(202) 863-6100
Information and Technology Sanjeev "Sonny" Bhagowalia
International Affairs Debbie Seguin
Professional Responsibility Matthew Klein
(202) 344-1800
Public Affairs Erin Waters
(202) 344-1700 Press Officers
Training and Development Chris Hall
(202) 325-7100

Note: * denotes an acting position


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