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Office of Trade Contact Directory

For questions regarding importing, exporting or the status of your shipment, please contact the local service port. To locate your local service port - air, land, or sea, visit the Locate a Port of Entry website. The ports are listed by each state and provide the contact information. For questions on how to import merchandise into the United States, visit the Basic Importing and Exporting section. Also, you may take advantage of CBP's Questions and Answers database to research your questions.

Scam Alert

Individuals nationwide have reported receiving unsolicited calls from scammers posing as CBP officials. These calls are phone scams/phishing attempts and the public is urged to not provide the caller with any information. Learn more about the scam.

Contact Title & Office Phone Number
Alice Kipel Executive Director 202-325-0100
Emily Simon Deputy Executive Director 202-325-0142
Commercial & Trade Facilitation Division
Yuliya A. Gulis Division Director 202-325-0042
Monika Brenner Branch Chief, Valuation & Special Programs 202-325-0038
Gregory Connor Branch Chief, Electronics, Machinery, Automotive & International Nomenclature 202-325-0025
Gail Kan Branch Chief, Entry Process & Duty Refund 202-325-0346
Andrew Langreich Branch Chief, Chemicals, Petroleum, Metals & Misc. Articles 202-325-0089
Sarah Kafka Branch Chief, Food, Textiles & Marking 202-325-1212
Border Security & Trade Compliance Division
Charles Steuart Division Director 202-325-0020
Richmond Beevers Branch Chief, Cargo Security, Carriers & Restricted Merchandise 202-325-0084
Paul Pizzeck Branch Chief, Penalties 202-325-0082
Alaina van Horn Branch Chief, Intellectual Property Rights 202-325-0083
Dax Terrill Branch Chief, Exclusion Order Enforcement 202-325-0094
Vacant Branch Chief, Regulatory Reform and Priority Programs  
Regulations & Disclosure Law Division
Robert Altneu Division Director 202-325-0023
Emily Rick Branch Chief, Trade & Commercial Regulations 202-325-0369
Seth Renkema Branch Chief, Economic Impact Analysis 202-325-0056
James V. DeBergh Branch Chief, Border Security Regulations 202-325-0098
Matthew Pollack Branch Chief, Disclosure Law & Judicial Actions 202-325-0052
Shari Suzuki Branch Chief, FOIA Appeals, Policy & Litigation 202-325-0220
National Commodity Specialist Division, New York
Steven Mack Division Director 646-733-3001
Vacant Branch Chief, Customs Information Exchange  
Denise Faingar Branch Chief, Consumer Products & Mass Merchandising 646-733-3004
James Forkan Branch Chief, Agricultural, Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace Footwear 646-733-3040
Deborah Marinucci Branch Chief, Textiles and Wearing Apparel; Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals 646-733-3070
Mark Nackman Branch Chief, Metals, Machinery, Manufacturing Materials & Petroleum 646-733-3050

TRA Headquarters Main Number: 202-325-7990
TRA Headquarters Inbox:

TRA Mail Correspondence:
Trade Regulatory Audit Executive Staff Assistant
1331 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Office 1052 Mailstop #1142
Washington, DC 20229-1142

Field Offices

Office Main Number
Atlanta Regulatory Audit Office 678-284-5965
Boston Regulatory Audit Office 617-565-6310
Chicago Regulatory Audit Office 312-983-9600
Detroit Regulatory Audit Office 313-964-7372
Houston Regulatory Audit Office 281-985-6781
Long Beach Regulatory Audit Office 562-980-3220
Miami Regulatory Audit Office 305-597-3119
New York Regulatory Audit Office 646-733-3126
Philadelphia Regulatory Audit Office 215-717-1378
San Francisco Regulatory Audit Office 415-782-9440

Trade Remedies-AD/CVD Division

Green Trade Division

Green Trade inbox:

IPR & E-Commerce Division

Textiles & Free Trade Agreements Division

CORE Division

Trade Modernization Division (TMOD)

Interagency Collaboration Division (ICD)

Business Transformation and Innovation Division

Entry Summary, Accounts & Revenue

Client Services Division

Cargo Release, Export and Manifest Product Division

Last Modified: Mar 22, 2024