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Revenue Modernization


Revenue Modernization (Rev Mod) is a multi-year, phased acquisition program that will benefit the Trade and Travel industries and the U.S. economy by simplifying the collections process, providing modern electronic payment options, and creating operational efficiencies at Ports of Entry (POE).

Rev Mod has three goals:

  • Reduce labor-intensive manual processes around revenue collection at the POEs
  • Increase online and electronic payment options for the collection of duties, taxes, and fees; and
  • Capture in-scope collection data at the transaction level to enable improved reporting and business analytics


Rev Mod will benefit the trade and travel communities along with CBP by addressing non-cargo related revenue collection capability gaps and revitalizing CBP’s revenue processes at ports of entry.

Expanding payment options and reducing costs by:

  • Streamlining the administrative tasks for trade and travelers with fewer manual, paper-based non-cargo related business processes, which will reduce transaction costs and inefficiencies
  • Providing the opportunity for brokers, trade and travelers the option to submit reports and pay non-cargo related duties, taxes, and fees electronically, rather than requiring manual payments at ports or customs houses

Increasing efficiencies in collections by:

  • Transitioning the collections of non-cargo related duties, taxes, and fees out of the POEs by providing extended online payment methods to help expedite the movement of cargo and people, spurring economic activity in the U.S.
  • Streamlining the reporting of non-cargo related payments in order for payers to easily know what, and when, payments were made, allowing quick and easy access to electronic payment history

Introducing business process improvements to facilitate Trade and Travel by:

  • Encouraging the development and usage of online and electronic payments.
  • Improving the ability to provide payers with an accurate, consolidated view of their non-cargo related payment transactions

Rev Mod has been successful in implementing efficient Electronic Payment Options (ePO), including:

  • Providing Brokers with the opportunity to use to pay their Broker Exam and Triennial fees, and submit their reports online rather than paying manually at their original POE
  • Deploying the eCBP portal, allowing Broker applicants to register for the Broker License Exam, as well as submit an electronic payment for their registration fee

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Last Modified: Mar 29, 2023