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Revenue Modernization - Working With The Trade

Communication and Collaboration with the Trade
Revenue Modernization is engaging all stakeholders to provide input, recommendations, and support to CBP and to increase the level of transparency with the Trade and Travel communities. CBP is conducting outreach sessions and developing communications targeted for the Trade communities impacted by current Revenue Modernization initiatives.

Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee (COAC)
Revenue Modernization is working with the Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee to CBP (COAC), specifically COAC’s Trade Modernization Subcommittee, in these ways:

  • Share Revenue Modernization’s findings of gaps, challenges, and modernization requirements.  Solicit Trade and Travel community feedback to determine if any are missing and if there are additional considerations of Trade and Travel communities’ needs
  • Solicit the Trade and Travel communities’ feedback on their fee and duty collection experiences with other countries.  Identify which international approaches are most favored and why.  Determine what methods of payment are most desirable
  • Review Revenue Modernization’s draft revenue collection To-Be approach.  Solicit feedback with regard to stakeholder preferences and feasible alternatives
  • Solicit stakeholder input on Revenue Modernization’s proposed pilots, projects, and pilot locations.  As pilots and projects are implemented, solicit ongoing feedback to determine what changes should be made during the pilot to adjust efficiency or address issues
  • Discuss the feasibility of potential or proposed legislative changes needed to support Revenue Modernization
Last modified: 
March 14, 2017