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Southwest Border Migration FY2017


CBP Southwest border total apprehensions

U.S. Border Patrol Apprehensions FY2017 (October 1 - September 30)

Southwest BorderUAC6,7047,3467,1874,4051,9101,0419971,4731,9492,4752,9872,96141,435
Family Units13,11515,58816,1399,3003,1231,1261,1181,5802,3223,3894,6314,19175,622
Southwest Border Total Apprehensions46,18447,21143,25131,57618,75412,19511,12714,51916,08718,18722,28822,537303,916

In Sept, a total of 22,537 individuals were apprehended between ports of entry on our Southwest Border, compared with 22,288 in August and 18,187 in June. In Fiscal Year (FY) 2016, USBP apprehended 408,870 individuals along our Southwest Border, compared to 331,333 in FY15, and 479,371 in FY14.

For breakdown by Sector, visit USBP Southwest Border Apprehensions by Sector


Office of Field Operations Inadmissibles FY2017 (October 1 - September 30)

Southwest BorderUAC1,8301,4379635912641211382122503874705837,246
Family Units6,5005,1373,8682,7531,0547687811,0731,2461,6782,2352,28229,375
Southwest Border Total Inadmissibles20,52416,15015,16110,8874,8014,3934,6395,4215,5706,8328,2798,618111,275


In September a total of 8,618 people presenting themselves at ports of entry on the Southwest Border were deemed inadmissible compared to 8,279 in August and 6,832 in July.  In Fiscal Year (FY) 2016, 150,825 were deemed inadmissible compared to 114,486 in FY15 and 90,601 in FY14.

OFO inadmissibility metrics include: individuals encountered at ports of entry who are seeking lawful admission into the United States but are determined to be inadmissible, individuals presenting themselves to seek humanitarian protection under our laws; and individuals who withdraw an application for admission and return to their countries of origin within a short timeframe.

For breakdown by Field Office, visit Southwest Border Inadmissibles by Field Office

Last Modified: Dec 15, 2017