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Agriculture Enforcement Statistics

Millions of pounds of fresh fruits, vegetables, animal products, and other items enter the United States from other countries every year. Although these items appear to be harmless, there could be hidden threats in that baggage and in those truckloads, trainloads, and containers of fresh items that could seriously threaten U.S. agriculture, our natural resources, and our economy. CBP agriculture specialists and the CBP officers at U.S. ports of entry target, detect, intercept, and thereby prevent the entry of these potential threats before they have a chance to do any harm.

To access the data used to build this dashboard, please visit the CBP Data Portal.

Note: Load times may exceed 30 seconds due to the geographic data elements used in the dashboard. Internet Explorer has problems displaying the following charts. Please use another browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge) to view. When using a mobile device, the charts are best displayed in landscape mode.

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  • Last Modified: May 11, 2023