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Ajo Station

850 North Highway 85
Why, AZ 85321-9634
Phone: (520) 387-7002
Fax: (520) 387-6620

Much of the Ajo Station's operational area lies within environmentally sensitive or protected lands including the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge, Bureau of Land Management lands, Barry M. Goldwater Bombing Range, and Tohono O'Odham Nation.

To effect an illegal entry within the Ajo area of responsibility, illegal aliens are often committing to several days in the remote desert, with little to offer in relief. Because of the remoteness, a large portion of the area must be patrolled on foot, by horse patrol, ATVs, and motorcycles. Rough, rocky terrain, flat desert covered in cactus and brush, and numerous mountainous regions are predominant in the area and make travel, even in accessible areas, difficult.

Agents combine sign-cutting and tracking with ground sensors and night vision equipment. Through the right combination of personnel, technology, and infrastructure, the Ajo Border Patrol Station continues to gain, maintain, and expand control over the border within its area of responsibility.

Area of Responsibility
The Ajo Station is located 9 miles south of Ajo, Arizona, along State Route 85, and approximately 120 miles west of the Tucson Sector headquarters. The international border and the Lukeville Port of Entry lie approximately 27 miles south of the station. The Ajo area of responsibility encompasses over 52 miles along the international border and nearly 8,800 square miles of operational area.

Last Modified: Jan 08, 2020