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Casa Grande Station

396 Camino Mercado
Casa Grande, AZ 85122
Phone: (520) 836-7812
Fax: (520) 423-2341


The Casa Grande Border Patrol Station was established in 1926.  Initially, the station was staffed with three agents.  The agents primarily worked farm and ranch check and they patrolled the area of the Santa Cruz River.  The current Casa Grande Station building was built in 1997.  

Area of Responsibility

The Casa Grande Station is responsible for 31.34 miles of linear border.  Most of the station's primary area of responsibility (AOR) is remote with limited access roads and is often inaccessible during inclement weather.  All of the station's border responsibility and the primary area patrolled by Casa Grande agents is contained within the Tohono O'odham Nation. 

Due to the harsh desert terrain and lack of improved infrastructure throughout much of the Casa Grande Station's AOR, there are numerous logistical challenges posed to Casa Grande agents in addition to long duty hours.  Through the Casa Grande Station's increased use of technology, actionable intelligence and the development of a rapid response and resolve capability, there has been a measurable impact on reducing risk within the border environment.  These efforts have made this portion of Arizona a less desirable area for Transnational Criminal Organizations to operate.

Last Modified: Mar 06, 2024