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2022-2026 U.S. Border Patrol Strategy

US Border Patrol Strategy thumbnail with various photos of USBP in service.
2022-2026 U.S. Border Patrol National Strategy

Since 1924, the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) has been entrusted with protecting the American people and promoting economic prosperity through our border and national security mission. Despite a myriad of threats that we have confronted throughout our history, including smuggling, illegal migration, and terrorism, our commitment to our mission has never wavered. We remain steadfast even in the face of overwhelming challenges. Our dedication and will to achieve and protect are the hallmarks of the people of USBP.

The 2022–2026 U.S. Border Patrol Strategy is the next step in our operational evolution. Border security is no longer relegated to distant border environments. It is of national significance, and every Border Patrol Agent (BPA) and employee within our organization plays a critical role in ensuring our national security. As we implement this strategy, it is incumbent upon each of us to embody the oath we took to defend the U.S. Constitution, to remain true to the core values of vigilance, integrity, and service to country, and to live out our motto “Honor First.”


Last Modified: Feb 12, 2024