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Lordsburg Station

Lordsburg Station
26 Pipeline Road
Lordsburg, NM 88045-1231
Phone: (575) 542-6000
Fax: (575) 542-8911

The Lordsburg Station has no documented records regarding its establishment. In 1928, the Columbus Station (now Deming) assigned one Patrol Inspector to Cloverdale, NM, which is a small community southwest of Lordsburg. In 1931, a local newspaper, the Lordsburg Liberal, made reference to the existence of a Border Patrol Station in Lordsburg. Local historians claim that in 1929 a Border Patrol supervisor began working out of a house on A Street in Lordsburg.

The Lordsburg Station's area of responsibility consists of 80 miles of international border and 4,256 square miles in the southwestern part of the State of New Mexico. CBP Air and Marine assets, based in Deming, are an integral part of the station's operations.

Last Modified: Jan 13, 2017