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Fort Hancock Station

Fort Hancock Station
828 South HWY 1088
Fort Hancock, TX 79839
Phone: (915) 769-1700
Fax:(915) 769-1327

The Fort Hancock Station's area of responsibility encompasses 2,700 square miles of total area, with over 40 miles along the International border with Mexico paralleling the Rio Grande River. The Fort Hancock Station's main emphasis is line watch operations along the U.S./Mexico border.

The Fort Hancock Station was established in the latter part of 1925 through the assignment of a Patrol Officer at Fort Hancock. During April of 1926 one additional officer was assigned to the station.

Increased development of farmland in this area during the early 1930's required a larger labor force than could be supplied from local United States citizens and resident aliens. However, as employment was at a low ebb in other economically depressed areas, large migrant labor crews composed of United States citizens were available to meet the farm laborer needs. During this period it is reported that practically no local demand existed for illegal alien laborers and immigration enforcement problems continued to be confined primarily to combating the smuggling of Asiatic and European illegal immigrants.

During 1932, two additional officers were assigned to Fort Hancock, increasing the duty force to four. Within the next few years, the duty force fluctuated from four, six, to 8 officers and at one time a one man outpost was maintained at Finley, a small railroad community located approximately sixteen miles east of Fort Hancock. Ideal farming conditions and the development of better cotton strains influenced the expansion of agriculture to such a degree that during the period from 1944 to 1956 as many as twelve officers were assigned to Fort Hancock to cope with the influx of illegal aliens who regularly sought employment in agricultural activities.

In August of 1960, the Fort Hancock Station was closed and the area was divided between the Fabens and Sierra Blanca Stations. Almost immediately the crime rate increased with numerous thefts and acts of vandalism attributed to illegal aliens. The citizens of Fort Hancock complained to the federal government concerning the loss of their only protection from the criminal element crossing the border so in November of 1960, the station was re-opened. Negotiations began in 1962 to construct a Government owned Border Patrol office building at Fort Hancock, and actual construction began in May 1964 and was completed in October 1964.

In August of 2009, construction of a new station was completed situated on South Highway 1088 in Ft. Hancock, Texas.

Last Modified: Oct 13, 2016