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Clint Station

Clint Station
13400 Alameda Ave
Clint, Texas 79836
Phone: (915) 872-4100
Fax: (915) 872-4297

The Clint Station's area of responsibility consists of 408.2 square miles of total area, with 32 miles of International border with Mexico. The continuous 32 miles are notoriously high-intensity illegal trafficking of aliens and drugs. The primary duty of the agents is line watch operations.

Between 1924 and 1930, patrol duties in this area were performed by Patrol Inspectors on temporary assignments from El Paso, Ysleta, and Fort Hancock, Texas. During that time, they conducted station business from the homes of the various Patrol Inspectors-in-Charge.

In the early 1940's, the first office space was made available in Fabens, Texas for Fabens Patrol Inspectors. In September of 2000 a new Fabens Station opened accommodating 75 Border Patrol Agents and remained opened for 13 years. Due to the rapid growth of personnel and insufficient work space Fabens Station was closed in December of 2012, relocating its mission to the new Clint Border Patrol Station.

Last Modified: Oct 13, 2016