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Executive Assistant Commissioner Stephen A. Boyer, Air and Marine Operations

Stephen A. Boyer, Executive Assistant Commissioner, Air and Marine Operations
Executive Assistant Commissioner Stephen A. Boyer,
Air and Marine Operations

Stephen A. Boyer is the Executive Assistant Commissioner (EAC), Air and Marine Operations (AMO), U.S. Customs and Border Protection(CBP). AMO’s mission is to safeguard our nation by anticipating and confronting security threats through our aviation and maritime law enforcement expertise, innovative capabilities, and partnerships at the border and beyond. AMO has approximately 1,800 federal agents and mission support personnel, 240 aircraft, and 300 marine vessels operating throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands. We conduct our mission in the air and maritime environments at and beyond the border and within the nation's interior. 

EAC Boyer has over 27 years of federal law enforcement experience. He began his career in 1992 with the Department of Commerce, spending three years as a Special Agent in Seattle, Washington, and two years in Coos Bay, Oregon. In 1997, he transferred to the former U.S. Customs Service, Office of Investigations, Special Agent in Charge San Juan, Puerto Rico, as a Marine Enforcement Officer. From 2000 to 2012, EAC Boyer held various leadership and management positions, including Senior Marine Enforcement Officer, San Diego Air and Marine Branch; Operations Officer, San Diego Air and Marine Branch; Air and Marine Group Supervisor, San Diego Air and Marine Branch; Supervisory Air Interdiction Officer, Tucson Air Branch; and Supervisory Marine Interdiction Agent, National Marine Training Center. 

In 2012, he was promoted to Director, Marine Operations, at AMO Headquarters. He provided AMO’s executive leadership with maritime expertise, including allocation of resources and prioritization of mission requirements for the marine program. During his tenure, he also served as Acting Director, Air Operations, for Yuma Air Branch and Miami Air and Marine Branch, and completed a developmental assignment with CBP’s Office of Administration, Budget Directorate. 

In May 2016, he was selected as the Executive Director, National Air Security Operations, providing oversight of all operations requiring use of AMO’s strategic air assets, including the long-range P-3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft and Predator B unmanned aircraft system. 

In January 2017, he was selected to serve as the Executive Director, Operations. As Executive Director, he provided oversight of domestic and foreign aviation and maritime operations, planned operations, formulated requirements, and advised the EAC on operational issues. He was selected to serve as Acting Deputy Executive Assistant Commissioner from July 2017 until his confirmation in October 2018. In December 2020, he was selected as AMO’s Executive Assistant Commissioner, effective January 2021. As EAC, he is responsible for AMO’s operational capabilities by closing the workforce gap; increasing efficiency through implementation of long-term planning; and reducing mission capability gaps in air and maritime domain awareness, surveillance, investigations, and interdiction operations. 

EAC Boyer received a Bachelor of Science from Radford University and a Master of Public Administration from Old Dominion University. He is a graduate of the Department of Homeland Security Senior Executive Service Candidate Development School at American University and holds leadership training certificates from the University of Virginia and the University of Southern California 

  • Last Modified: December 7, 2021