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History in Print

Title Description
Cover of Commissioners of Customs
Commissioners of Customs
Pamphlet detailing Commissioners of Customs in the 199th year of the office's existence. Printed in 1987, the pamphlet provides details of the early years of the office of Commissioners of Customs and provides brief biographical details of each Commissioner.
Cover of The First Office of the United States Customs Service
First Officers of the United States Customs Service
Pamphlet with list and biographical details of the first officers of the United States Customs Service, appointed by President George Washington in 1789. This pamphlet includes significant documents and actions in the early history of the U.S. Customs Service.
Cover of U.S. Customs and Kindred Services PDF
U.S. Customs and Kindred Services - San Francisco
Souvenir booklet discussing the U.S. Customs service and its sister services. Focus is U.S. Customs Service at the Port of San Francisco. Document contains historical information and photographs and was produced as a memento for former employees to take with them upon leaving the service. Of particular note are the unique caricatures of customs officials.


Last Modified: Aug 21, 2023