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  5. Los Angeles International Airport-Cargo Operations, California - 2720

Los Angeles International Airport-Cargo Operations, California - 2720

Port Type
Service Port
Permitted Customs Brokers Listing
Port Code

Location Address

11099 South La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
United States

Mailing Address
Same as location address

Phone Contact:
None Specified
Fax Number:
None Specified
Port Director:
None Specified
Office Hours
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 8:00-16:30PST
Tuesday: 8:00-16:30PST
Wednesday: 8:00-16:30PST
Thursday: 8:00-16:30PST
Friday: 8:00-16:30PST
Saturday: Closed

Directions to Port Office

405 Freeway

The Customs building is located at the Northwest corner of La Cienega and 111th Street, just east of LAX. Exit 405 Freeway at Imperial (West) or 105 Freeway at La Cienega. Turn North on La Cienega for a short distance to 111th Street and turn left. Enter the parking lot from 111th Street and proceed to visitor parking at the front of the building.

Service Contacts

Entry Processing and Protests
(310) 642-1405 
Fax: None

Export Requirements
(310) 642-1460 
Fax: None 

Cargo Clearance Counter
(310) 348-4670 
Fax: None 

Anti-Smuggling Branch
(310) 215-2505 
Fax: None 

Commercial Import Information
(310) 215-2618 
Fax: None 

Private Aircraft Clearance
(310) 348-4635 
Fax: None 

Deferred Inspections (Immigration)
(213) 830-5972 
Fax: None

Last Modified: Jun 11, 2020