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  5. Detroit, Michigan - 3801

Detroit, Michigan - 3801

Port Type
Service Port
Permitted Customs Brokers Listing
Port Code

Location Address

2810 B West Fort Street
Suite #123
Detroit, MI 48216
United States

Mailing Address
Same as location address

Phone Contact:
+1 313-964-7830
Fax Number:
+1 313-964-2109
Port Director:
None Specified
Office Hours
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 8:00-16:00EST
Tuesday: 8:00-16:00EST
Wednesday: 8:00-16:00EST
Thursday: 8:00-16:00EST
Friday: 8:00-16:00EST
Saturday: Closed

Directions to Port Office

Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Go Southwest on World Gateway Pl. Stay straight to go onto John Dingell Dr. Take Eureka Rd. East ramp, merge onto Eureka Rd. Merge onto I-75 North, take EXIT 47A toward Clark Street Stay straight to go onto Fisher West (Fisher Fwy West becomes Lafayette Blvd West) Turn left on M-3/ Fort Street West 2810 B Fort Street Detroit, MI 48216.

Service Contacts
Import/Export a Vehicle
Phone Number: (313) 226-3139
Fax Number: None
Seizures and Penalties Information
Phone Number: (313) 442-0369
Fax Number: (313) 226-2371
Email Address:
Trade Operations Division
Phone Number: (313) 442-0340
Fax Number: (313) 226-2017
Trade Resolution Team
Phone: (313) 964-7267
Email Bonds:
Additional Questions: 
Hours of Operation: 6:00AM - 2:00PM (EST), Monday - Friday
Entry Division
Phone Number: (313) 442-0240
Fax Number: (313) 226-6453


Facilities and Crossings
Detroit-Windsor Tunnel
Phone Number: (313) 393-3793
Fax Number: (313) 226-2193
Hours of Operation: 12:00PM - 12:00PM (EST), Seven Days Week
Detroit City Airport
Phone Number: (313) 393-3793
Fax Number: (313) 226-2193
Monroe Seaport (Class C)
Phone Number: (313) 226-3136
Fax Number: (313) 842-2090
Coleman A. Young Municipal Airport
Phone Number: (313) 393-3793
Fax Number: (313) 226-2193
Hours of Operation: 12:00PM - 12:00PM (EST), Seven Days Week
Ambassador Bridge Passenger Facility
Phone Number: (313) 226-3141
Fax Number: (313) 226-3179
Hours of Operation: 12:00PM - 12:00PM (EST), Seven Days Week
Fort Street Cargo Facility
Phone Number: (313) 964-7191
Fax Number: (313) 964-7651
Hours of Operation: 12:00PM - 12:00PM (EST), Seven Days Week
Detroit-Windsor Truck Ferry
Phone Number: (313) 842-0955
Fax Number: (313) 842-2090
Hours of Operation: 8:00AM - 5:00PM (EST), Monday - Friday



Special Instructions

  • Port of Detroit Vehicle Export SOP Under 19 CFR 192.2, CBP requires 72 hour prior notification for exports of all used self-propelled vehicles used or designed for running on land but not on rail. Notifications are accepted by email at: Once the vehicle information is emailed, an automatic reply is sent with exporting instructions (see attached).
  • NEXUS commuter lane program information available at (866) 639-8726.
Last Modified: Mar 07, 2024