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Area Port of Sweetgrass, Montana - 3310

Port Type
Port of Entry
Permitted Customs Brokers Listing
Port Code

Location Address

39825 Interstate 15
Sweetgrass, MT 59484
United States

Mailing Address

P.O. BOX 609
Sweetgrass, MT 59484
United States

Phone Contact:
None Specified
Fax Number:
None Specified
Port Director
Jason Greene
Office Hours
Sunday: 12:00-12:00MST
Monday: 12:00-12:00MST
Tuesday: 12:00-12:00MST
Wednesday: 12:00-12:00MST
Thursday: 12:00-12:00MST
Friday: 12:00-12:00MST
Saturday: 12:00-12:00MST

Directions to Port Office

Great Falls, MT

Proceed north on Interstate 15 to the Canadian border.

Service Contacts

Import Specialist

Phone Number(406) 791-6123 or (406) 791-6167
Fax NumberNone
Vehicle Export
Phone Number(406) 432-5522
Fax NumberNone
Outbound and Export
Phone Number(406) 335-9610
Fax Number(406) 335-2934
Assistant Port Director - Tactical Operations
Phone Number(406) 791-6146
Fax NumberNone
Assistant Port Director - Trade Operations
Phone Number(406) 791-6141
Fax NumberNone
Assistant Port Director - Passenger Operations
Phone Number(406) 791-6145
Fax NumberNone


Facilities and Crossings



Supplemental Information

This port is open 24-hours each day, seven days per week.


Contact Information

  • Pilots wishing to clear at Sweetgrass should make arrangements through the Sweetgrass Port of Entry by calling (406) 335-9610.
  • Passenger bus manifests should be faxed to (406) 335-2611. To confirm receipt, please call (406) 335-9630.
  • Email address for vehicle exports is

Reporting Requirements

Pilots must give a minimum of 2 hours advance notice of their intended arrival at Sweetgrass airport. This location is staffed "on call" and requires this lead time for an Inspector to respond.

Special Instructions

The airstrip at Sweetgrass may not be available at some times due to weather or other conditions. Check with port staff for the most current information.  The documentation for all personal vehicle exports via Idaho or Montana border crossing any of the borders in Idaho or Montana, you must fax or email all required documents to: Fax: (406) 432-5528 Email:

Last Modified: May 26, 2021